Saturday, September 17, 2016

Let Me Tour You Around Tickles...

A year ago, I was at a mall with my little angel Kyle Nash, he saw a girl holding a cute fluffy duck and wanted to grab it from her!  Of course, as a first time mom who wants to give EVERYTHING for my son, I went up to the mom and asked her where she bought the cute duck.  And she told me it was at Tickles, Glorietta branch.  I was in awe when I went in the store and ended up buying more than just the duck!  

Intrigued with how the duck looks like?  Check out photo below.

Fast forward to today, imagine my delight when I saw Tickles' New Flagship Store located at SM Megamall Building A.  I was just done with a whole day shoot and decided to drop by the place to buy something for Kyle!  And guess what happened?  I ended up staying in there for at least an hour!

You'll understand why after the jump....

Check out the "block" notebooks!

I was literally tempted to buy AMW pillows!

Cash anyone?

Then for dog-lovers out there, you may purchase a dog mug that matches your best friend!

More stuff toys that's making me smile from ear-to-ear! Anyone into Pandas?

Neck pillows and eye covers with cute designs for those who love to travel!  

And these poo-poo cuties are so adorable I had to grab one!  Sorry, who doesn't love poo poo with a huge smile on the face?

And I remembered being young, in-crush with someone.... there are cute I Love You pillows to show to your loved ones and family how much you love them.

More Letter Stuff Toys! 
Make sure to ask the staffs for particular letters because I believe not everything is on display!

Cute accessories and hair ties.

I went crazy for hair ties!

 Food pillows!

Earphones that I also ended up grabbing!  One for me and Mr. AMW

And more cute animal printed pillows!

Cute table displays too!  Oh, you may purchase them for parties too!

Cuddly bears every kid would love to have!

More quirky finds that would make you want to stay longer!

Bag tags, cell phone holders, fluffy pens and door signs.

I didn't get to stay long in this area but I believe this is the "Magician's Corner"  

 Party favors and items.

And just when you thought you're over with your shopping items, you have more temptation upon check-out! hahaha

Tickles is definitely a place to be when you want to show your friends and loved ones you think about them without having to spend too much!  It's fun to just walk around the store and you'll feel much happier!

Tickles is located at SM Megamall Building A Lower Ground Floor.

Have you seen the new Tickles Flagship store?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Those faux daisies is perfect on my office table (have to grab one :D)! I believe they have cute pouches too (my handy makeup kit is from tickles too).


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