Saturday, October 29, 2016

If You Need Serious "Control" For Your Skin!

Whenever I visit Leaders Insolution store at LCM (Lucky Chinatown), I always ask for "What's New" because I have this need to try out ALL their masks in store because it is NO surprise that Leaders Insolution is a brand of mask that my skin can finally accept and I can actually see and feel positive results!

One of the more recent line that I've tried is called the "Control Mask".  I'm not sure how they categorize as I'm no Leaders Insolution Expert.  All I know is that whenever I need to target specific needs for my skin (which changes every now and then), I rely highly on these bright masks and it isn't difficult to spot because they are housed in a bright colored packets!

a photo of Leaders Insolution Soothing control mask, AC Balancing Control Mask, Bright Control Mask and Moisture Control Mask

Let's start with my most favorite!

Bright Control Mask
This works for my skin type because I have Dry skin and this is a perfect mask because it does not only hydrate, it also gives that brightening effect after every use!  

I'm not implying this mask is only for "Dry" skin, combination and oily skin can also use this because it doesn't leave your skin feeling oily.

Added tip, this is a perfect mask to try if you have dark spots around your face as this helps lighten up certain spots.

a photo of Leaders Insolution Bright Control Mask

Soothing Control
Surprise!  Surprise!  I am actually a fan of this Soothing Control variant because my skin has been acting up lately.  It has red spots all over and some days (or most days), it looks lifeless!  I tend to reach out for the Soothing Control Variant because it helps tone down redness around my skin and it relieves certain itchiness or dry spots.

a photo of Leaders Insolution Soothing control mask

Moisture Control Mask
I use to hoard "moisturizing" variant on ANY line when I'm in the Leaders Insolution store, but because I've been a constant mask user and the brand is indeed effective, I find my skin to be hydrated most days and indeed of being just a "dry skinned girl", I actually have normal skin on good days and combination skin (normal/oily on t-zone) on bad days.

a photo of Leaders Insolution Moisture Control Mask review

AC Balancing Control Mask
Because this is more on the Sebum Control, I actually give this to my sister-in-law who highly recommends this!  She likes how it hydrates dry spots around her face and yet, can control the oiliness around her T-zone.  The refreshing scent is her favorite and she loves the smooth texture her skin feels after every mask-use.

a photo of Leaders Insolution AC Balancing Control Mask

These are my simple 10-15 minutes routine at least twice a week!  There are days I skip my skincare routine when I use these masks (not because it's recommended but because I get so relaxed I immediately go to sleep).  

If you are just starting out on using Leaders Insolution masks, I highly recommend to ask the experts (SAs) who are well-trained and let them know your skin concerns and they will recommend the best mask for you to start with.

Leaders Insolution masks are available at Lucky China Town Mall, Festival Supermall, SM Cebu Department Store, SM Davao Department Store, SM North EDSA, SM Cubao Department Store, SM Makati Department Store, SM Manila Department Store, SM San Lazaro Department Store and soon to open SM Seaside Cebu, SM Lanang and SM Iloilo.

Which variant would you like to try? 

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. I can't keep track of Leader's sheet mask. I feel overwhelmed and confused whenever I enter their store though, I'm glad their SA are very friendly and attentive.

    1. ako din, even if I used almost all na, I still can't pick a fave!


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