Sunday, October 30, 2016

Kyle's Healthier Baon!

When Kyle started school around June, my main concern is to be able to leave him inside the classroom without screaming his head out.  It took around 2 months for him to settle down and get used to going in and out of school, it took him almost that same amount of time to finally kiss me and say "Bye Mommy" without tears rolling down his cute cheeks.

He is indeed a growing boy now.

As a mom, the "concerns" never end!  Now, I have another challenge to tackle, making sure he eats healthily in school!  For the first few months, it was cute when he snacks on potato chips, crackers...

and "gasp"!  FRIES!  I was so busy making sure he gets comfortable in his classroom I almost push all the unhealthy food right in front of him just to "reward" him for staying inside the classroom!  

I know..don't give me that look, please don't judge me, I guess that's what most first-time moms do!  Or am I the only one?  (Uy, samahan niyo naman ako!)

So I am extremely thankful because as a Blogger, I want to give good examples not only as an "AMW"but also as an "AMM" (AskMeMom).  As much as I want to continue feeding my son with unhealthy snacks, I know there are a lot of newbie moms out there reading my blog, relying on my tips and suggestions so I have to THANK YOU mommies!  I pushed myself to prepare healthier snack alternative to my growing and extremely active toddler!

It has always been cookies for Kyle but recently, he got tired of snacking on cookies so I was told by the teacher that he only prefers to drink his milk during snack time.  As much as it is okay at first, I wanted to fill his tummy after hours of running around and learning in class.

Thankfully, he is into bread so I've decided to let him try Lady's Choice newest Roast Beef Spread, he used to go for the Chicken BBQ Spread but after seeing us prepare the Grilled Roast Beef Sandwich and gave it a taste, he is leaning on to this flavor today.  It may change after several days or weeks but at least, we have something to hold on to, for him to eat his healthier snack in school!

How about you?  Are you team #ChickenorBeef?

And what makes this even more fun is that, he likes to join in everytime I prepare his sandwich in the morning!

Look at that excited face!

And him swallowing his saliva as he wanted to devour the sandwich while making it!

Baon For Kyle --- success!

I am so thankful Kyle Nash is into sandwich with fillings instead of the usual cookies or chips!

 I'm more positive he has more energy in school!

Fellow mommies, what other healthier snacks 
would you recommend for your kiddos?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. When I was in grade school and up unitl high school my Mom always packed us a snack/ lunch (sometimes we prepare our own) instead of giving us money. I think this training veered us away from eating junk food and the practice also make us value the worth of money because we learned to stick with what can our allowance can only buy.

    1. aww that's so sweet! I missed mom's baon! kaya I swore I would be at least half like my mom to us! she's the best!


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