Thursday, November 24, 2016

3CE Stylenanda Waterful Concealer Review

I got the 3CE Stylenanda Waterful Concealer on my 2nd Althea order.  As you guys know, I heavily rely on "online shopping" because I almost never have chances to go out just to chill or shop!  Whenever I'm in a mall, I'm always chasing time so I am extremely thankful to have online shopping partners like Althea!  Through Althea, I also get to know Korean brands that I've never heard off!  Just like 3CE.

3CE is also known as 3 Concept Eyes.  And Stylenanda is actually a leading online website in Korea that leads on women's fashion trends!

So I finally have my hands on my second 3CE Product called the Waterful Concealer.   Second because my first 3CE product reviewed on the blog is the 3CE lip pigment.

a photo of 3CE Stylenanda Waterful Concealer

Housed in a very simple black box with Korean Description, I don't need much research to understand what this tiny tube can do!  I just hope and prayed I picked the right shade but I guess I did!

a photo of 3CE Stylenanda Waterful Concealer

There are a total of 2 shades to choose from: 001 and 002.  The latter has more peach/orange tone to it so I picked this because I am aiming to use this as my main undereye concealer!  I wish they go for at least 3 shades though!

Housed in a similar packaging as the 3CE Lip Pigment, this is in transparent tube making it easy for me to spot the product right away!

a photo of 3CE Stylenanda Waterful Concealer

Sealed with a protective sticker upon purchase!  10ml product for Php680.00 is actually a bit pricey but I'm glad it is highly pigmented so a little amount goes a long way!

a photo of 3CE Stylenanda Waterful Concealer

3CE Waterful Concealer 002 Swatch
I would call this a perfect concealer shade for users with fair to medium skin tone.  If you have darker complexion, this will NOT work for you.

a swatch photo of 3CE Stylenanda Waterful Concealer 002

The packaging is quite easy to use, I like the squeeze type packaging with a sharp pointy tip as dispenser.  I like that I can control the amount of product coming out and only a little is enough to cover spots, undereye circles, acne marks and pimples.

I personally use this to cover my undereye circles and the redness around the sides of my nose!  I find the product to be a bit too "light" to cover pimple or acne marks.  But that's just my take.

a photo on how Nikki Tiu AskMeWhats use 3CE Stylenanda Waterful Concealer

Before and After
It does not only lighten up dark undereye circles, it can brighten up the area too without looking unnatural!  That's the bonus for 3CE Stylenanda Waterful Concealer!

before and after photo of 3CE Stylenanda Waterful Concealer 002

I like how my undereye area immediately lightened and my whole face lits up!  I can actually create a fake "I had 8 hours of sleep" with this tiny wonder.

a photo of AskMeWhats 3CE Stylenanda Waterful Concealer

A tip from me:
  • Don't forget to apply with dabbing motion whether you use your fingers, sponge or brush.
  • Hydrate the undereye area with your choice of eye cream before concealing, to prevent concealer from getting into the fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Surprisingly, 3CE Waterful Concealer is actually hydrating so my skin looks perfectly fine even without eye cream underneath!  
  • Set with a translucent powder to keep the concealer from disappearing or moving midday.

For the effect of this product, I would say this is one of the best purchase I did at Althea!  I'll definitely look more into the brand and will try out more products!

3CE Waterful Concealer is available at Althea Website at a special price of Php680.00 (originally Php720.00).

Have you tried shopping at Althea?
Have you tried or heard about 3CE brand?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Hi nikki. What shade are you in mac studiofix? You are such an enabler!!!! I'd definitely include this in my next althea purchase!!!


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