Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Leaders Mediu 3-Step Vitamino Calming Mask Review

So I've been using Leaders Insolution masks/products for a year now!  I am quite confident my skin is well adapted and is "used to" with the ingredients used by the brand!  So on my last Leaders Insolution Store visit at Lucky Chinatown Mall, I've decided to give their Mediu 3-Step Vitamino Calming Mask a try.

When it comes to masks, I know most Koreans would go for several steps, as for me, it's always Mask then go to sleep directly, I don't even follow up with a moisturizer because I'm really scared of my sensitive skin acting up.  I guess my skin has really been acting up for the past weeks I finally raised my arms and say: "What the heck?"  

a photo of Leaders Mediu 3-Step Vitamino Calming Mask

Leaders Mediu 3-STep Vitamino Calming Mask says ---

"This mask set consists of 3 steps for all-round pampering for a soothing troubled skin. Step 1 is an ampoule infused with Vitamin B5 and hyaluronic acid. Step 2 is a mask containing Vitamin B5, amino acid complex and ceramide 5., Step 3 is a cream enriched with Vitamin B5 and trehalose."

For first-timers, I highly recommend to try on Leaders Insolution Face Masks first before you take a plunge on this 3-step system.

Step 1: Pour the ampoule on your hand and gently pat your face using fingertips until product gets aborbed into skin.

a photo of Leaders Mediu 3-Step Vitamino Calming Mask

Step 2: Apply Vitamino mask on your skin as usual.  Close your eyes and relax for 15-20 minutes.  After removing, make sure to gently pat the remaining serum with clean fingers until fully absorbed.

a photo of Leaders Mediu 3-Step Vitamino Calming Mask Review

Step 3: Once the serum has been completely absorbed.  Apply Vitamino Cream and gently massage.  Have a good night sleep and enjoy!

a photo of Leaders Mediu 3-Step Vitamino Calming Mask

Now here's what I have to say after using the Leaders Mediu 3-Step Vitamino Calming Mask for the first time ---

  • YAY for no allergic reactions.  I usually get them whenever I apply too much new stuff on my face.
  • The product on each step gets absorbed into my skin!  
  • Non-greasy feel.
  • Woke up with skin looking fresh as ever.  No redness, zits or allergic reactions.
  • The redness around my cheeks was lessened the next day.
  • Skin feels soft and hydrated.  I can actually skip day cream application the next day.
I will definitely repurchase and will try other 3-Step products from Leaders.  I will probably inject this step at least once or twice a week depending on the needs of my skin!

Leaders Insolution masks are available at Lucky China Town Mall, Festival Supermall, SM Cebu Department Store, SM Davao Department Store, SM North EDSA, SM Cubao Department Store, SM Makati Department Store, SM Manila Department Store, SM San Lazaro Department Store and soon to open SM Seaside Cebu, SM Lanang and SM Iloilo.

For more product information, visit

Have you finally tried Leaders products?
How was your experience?

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  1. I always use their AC mask and it never failed me and I'm curious to try with their foot peeling mask

    1. yes, do give it a try! and let me know! hahah i haven't tried their foot peeling masks pa


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