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Guerlain Meteorites - Light Revealing Pearls Of Powder Review

Every Beauty Blogger I know probably once longed to own at least one of Guerlain's iconic Meteorites.  I knew in my heart I wanted one but knew in my heart I can't bear to use them!  So imagine the sheer delight when I got one through Sephora website and holding this for Photo-op brought me back to so much "beauty blogging" memories.

(Sorry nagdradrama, pa year-end na din!)

02 Clair looks like this, I believe there are a total of 4 shades ---
01 Blanc De Pearle
02 Clair
03 Medium
04 Dore
 You'll know it's 02 Clair if you see the "minty green balls" 
a photo of Guerlain Meteorites - Light Revealing Pearls Of Powder Review in shade 02 Clair

Guerlain Météorites Says ---

Guerlain’s iconic handcrafted pearls have been reinvented with a boosted illuminating power. For the first time ever, Météorites’ Pearls incorporate Guerlain’s exclusive Stardust Technology, a spherical pigment contained within each pearl, to deliver illuminating powder pearls that minimize flaws and brighten the skin. This formulation diffracts light upon contact to envelop the skin in an illuminating halo. Each lightweight shade has a specific correcting action to deliver the ultimate in luminous skin and perfectly even complexion.
  • Paraben-free.
  • These delicate and perfectly round pearls continue to be shaped by hand, with craftsmanship mastered by only four people in the world.

AMW says --- 


  • Easy to use.  With any brush, with just a few swirls.
  • Gives a lifting effect to your complexion.  
  • Skin looks healthy and bright minus the shimmer.
  • Very subtle effect.
  • NO white cast when photographed.
  • A little goes a long way.
  • One tub is enough to last a lifetime!  *exaggerated* but kinda true, I can't seem to finish this tub even after months of usage!  (Parang di nababawasan guys!)


  • No coverage.  Please do not expect this to give you one.
  • Can give an obvious "brightening glow" to users with medium to darker complexion.  So this isn't really "Clair".
  • Can't be brought for retouch.

  • Has floral scent which could be ok to some while I prefer this not to be scented at all.
  • The powder puff that comes with the Meteorites isn't really of best quality but works just as well.

A face/complexion brightener.  This may be called (by AMW) a Photoshop, this immediately brighten up the complexion without the obvious effect.  None of those oil-control or extra properties in other makeup like SPF.  You buy this solely for complexion game-changer.


  • If you are the type who expects to see grand result, the Guerlain Meteorites may not be the makeup of choice.
  • Best to be applied on areas around your face that needed some "brightening" or "lifting". 
  • 03 Medium is by far the most "safe" pick for most Filipinas.
  • 02 Clair is perfect for users with fair skin tone.
  • Best to be used under your favorite face powder if you wanted a bit of dimension.
  • Can also be used as a setting powder but please do not expect oil-control  It doesn't have much! 
  • Best to use with a powder brush or blush brush and gently swirl all over areas of your face.  
  • As much as I would love to use this as a retouch powder, this is best to be kept at home.   

Will I repurchase?
No for now.  I can't seem to finish this one tub.

To whom do I recommend this to?
Those who like subtle makeup with "grand" effect.

Where to purchase and how much?
I got mine online via Sephora website priced at Php3,000.00.

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Powder Puff that sits on top of the Meteorites
Best to keep this as a protective cover for the balls 
and use a separate face brush instead for application.

a photo of Guerlain Meteorites - Light Revealing Pearls Of Powder Review in shade 02 Clair

Swatch: 02 Clair
a photo of Guerlain Meteorites - Light Revealing Pearls Of Powder Review in shade 02 Clair

For Visual purpose, I use the puff for the product to show up!  This is the type of product that can't be photographed well because it is almost invisible to the naked eye.  The effect is just there but you can't really see it.

a photo of Guerlain Meteorites - Light Revealing Pearls Of Powder Review in shade 02 Clair

Before and After
In person, my complexion looks a tad bit healthier, you know there is an added "healthy glow" to it but no one can tell.  I guess, that's the beauty of Guerlain Meteorites.

a photo of Guerlain Meteorites - Light Revealing Pearls Of Powder Review in shade 02 Clair

Do you own any of the Guerlain Meteorites?

Do you think you need these in your Beauty kit?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Maybe someday when I have enough cash to spare. I only really want this because it looks pretty in the packaging, but I can't see myself using this daily.

    1. I know what you mean, it is really pricey! but for me, if you are a makeup artist, worth naman the investment

  2. Wishlist ko rin ito!


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