Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Do You Want Baby-Looking Feet?

I've always wanted "baby-looking" feet and I knew Baby Foot delivers!  Since I've tried similar foot peeling masks and knew how much I'll shed (like that of a snake) and with my multiple projects from Makeup Classes to Client meetings and Hosting gigs, I don't want people looking at my feet and say : "Yuck!" at the back of their head!  

I literally had to wait...until all the events, meetings, workshops, parties ended when I finally pulled out the Baby Foot mask I've literally kept for so long.

a photo of Baby Foot mask

Baby Foot
Php895.00 Available at Beauty Bar

a photo of Baby Foot mask

Box description

a photo of Baby Foot mask

According to Baby Foot ---
A Japanese Foot Peel that removes dead & hard foot skin using natural fruit acids in just 3 easy steps.
- Baby Foot Easy Pack in MEDIUM (Upto US size 10)
- Baby Foot Easy Pack in LARGE (Upto US size 13)
* Same formula for both, just bigger in size.
I got mine in medium size and so far, it's a perfect size for my average feet!  The product isn't new to me so I immediately pulled it out and use it straight without reading instructions.  

All you need to do is cut with a pair of scissors the dotted-line area.

a photo of Baby Foot mask

Making sure your feet are cleanse (better to do this after shower).  Slide your foot in one at a time, be careful not to spill the "essence".

The box comes with a separate adhesive so tape it well and relax your feet for 30 minutes.  After 30 minutes, remove the mask and wash your feet with soap and water.

a photo of Baby Foot mask

Now here's the deal, peeling won't happen immediately or even the next day!  The peeling will start depending on how your skin would react.  Mine started gradually from day 4 then continuous peeling happened until day 7-8.

Left photo:  5 days after Baby Foot.
Right photo: 9th day after Baby Foot

before and after photo of Baby Foot mask

AMW says ---

  • The process is very gradual, so make sure you have at least a week plus of "no important events or activity" because your feet will peel like crazy.
  • Peeling will look different as per individual.  I've seen photos online and mine doesn't look the same with others.
  • Expect to feel a bit of itchiness.  Use foot lotion to relieve skin itchiness.
  • Wear socks at night to prevent skin from getting scattered all over the sheets.
  • Expect a lot of excess skin on the floor wherever you go.
  • You may feel free to wear closed shoes during the process.  
  • It is very important to wear VERY COMFORTABLE and cushioned shoes during the process.  I've worn a super uncomfortable flats with extremely thin soles, there's a small portion of my foot bleeding after all the excess walking.  Please note that during the process, the skin of your feet are more sensitive than usual, wear foot stockings if needed.
  • The result is AMAZING!  My feet never looked THIS GOOD!  Even the super dry and dark patches on my heels were GONE!

Even with the hassle of sensitive skin, itchy feet and a whole lot of shedding, I don't mind doing this again because the result is really wonderful!  Even Mr. AMW was shocked on how "baby-looking" the skin around my feet is!  Will definitely repurchase!

Have you tried Baby Foot?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. I also tried Mizon foot peeling mask and my skin reacted after two weeks lol!

  2. The peeling looks crazy. But I am very much intrigued to try this.

    1. oh I've tried some even crazier peeling pa! this one isn't bad

  3. wow, will definitely but one for my feet :)


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