Friday, January 6, 2017

Highlight for Cheeks?

Yes!  I found it!  Accidentally....
So I was in a Tony Moly store looking for another "blush" to try and to review!  I remembered how much I love Etude House Dreaming Swan Eye and Cheek, I love it so much I kept on searching for similar colored blush to give my cheeks that instant glow!

Then I went ahead and picked the Cheektone Powder From Tony Moly in P01, I've tried other Cheektone shades (Tony Moly Cheektone Power P05), I won't go wrong right?

a photo of Nikki Tiu AskMeWhats wearing Tony Moly Cheektone Powder review in shade P01

I was a bit shocked when I came home and applied the Cheektone Powder in P01 on my cheeks without hesitation.  This is definitely way lighter than the Etude House one and the effect is, ahm...different!  It was a let-down at first for me, I thought I made a mistake and just move on!  But knowing me, I always give a "failed product" another try, lo and behold, this is turning out to be my "cheek highlighter"!  If there's such term!  I know there's highlighting products for the face and eyes, but I am claiming this to be a perfect cheek highlighter, because it does highlight my cheek bones!

a photo of Tony Moly Cheektone Powder review in shade P01


a photo of Tony Moly Cheektone Powder review in shade P01

Comes in the same packaging and texture as the other Cheektone Powder I've tried, this can be transferred to a "blank palette" (also available at Tony Moly stores).  I prefer not to depot them because I find the packaging to be minimalist and perfect to store in both personal and pro kit.

a photo of Tony Moly Cheektone Powder review in shade P01

Swatch: P01
Also known as Milky Violet
It's called milky violet because of the "whitish" color!  It almost pass up as a lavender colored chalk!  swatch appears to be matte but once applied on face, it gives a nice dimension and texture so the effect turns out to be more natural as expected (depends on how you apply).

a swatch photo of Tony Moly Cheektone Powder review in shade P01

As for application, I like to dip a small cheek blush brush (used Poise Makeup Brush here), tap off excess and dot at the apples of my cheeks.  Pigmentation of this particular color is really good so a little goes a long way!

Now with the same brush (not adding up blush pigment), gently pat, dab and blend everything going upwards towards the hairline.

You have to keep on blending until you can't see any marks.

a photo on how to apply Tony Moly Cheektone Powder review in shade P01

Before and After
Now, this is the difficult part for fair-skinned ladies using the product, you may look pale or sickly without makeup on!  So I highly recommend to top this with your favorite blush (pink, peach, coral, red, etc..)  and this will tone down the blush pigment and will serve as a wonderful cheek base!  It can highlight your cheeks like no other I tell you!  This is one tiny secret I do especially when I'm taking photos!

before and after photo of Tony Moly Cheektone Powder review in shade P01

You may take a look at my recent Facebook Profile Photo, my cheeks and skin looks glowing because I used this underneath!  So definitely a EUREKA Moment for me to accidentally find this product too!

The Tony Moly Cheektone Single Blushers cost Php378.00 each and are available in different shades!  Check out their online website ( or visit Tony Moly stores near you.

Do you think you need a Cheek Highlight?
Do you like my recent find?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. That shade is tricky but you looks very fresh!

    1. I agree! A little tricky but I want to try it for myself!

      CJ | From Manila with Love Blog

    2. Yup, very tricky, was shocked how Light purple it is but looks amazing! can be used as base so really nice !

  2. I have a similar shade of Skinfood's Rose Essence Soft cream Blusher (Shade No.1). But I don't look glowing like you do, Ms. Nikki, I just look pasty the few times I've attempted to pull it off. :-( I'll try your suggestion and top it with a blusher, thanks! ^_^

    1. yup do let me know how it works after topping with a warmer tone blush!

  3. Oh, I wanna try this one :) Thanks for sharing Ms. Nikki


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