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Benefit 3D BROWTones Brow Enhancer Review

I've been a long-time Brow Mascara user!  Even way back when Brow Mascaras aren't that known in our country yet (sige na, pagbigyan niyo na ang bragging rights ko :P)  So up until this very moment, I own several backups of my favorite Brow Mascaras bought by my brother in Hong Kong!  

Some international brands I've tried through the years ---
Sana Styling W Brow (My first Brow Mascara ever!)

Glad there are locally available ones now ---

But my ultimate favorite that works for my hair color and skin tone goes to ---

And I've been using it for YEARS!  Yes, I've tried and tested various brands but I always go back to it!  Unfortunately, I had to wait for my brother to visit Hong Kong and hoard again for me, and I'm running out of it, using my last tube!  

Just when I thought I'm doomed to use the 2nd best, little did I know there will be a big surprise for me when Benefit created their biggest brow collection yet!  Included in the 2016 brow collection launch are their 3D Browtones.  I knew about the product but didn't take notice until I had my brows done in their Brow Bar!  The Brow Expert (after waxing my brows) had to draw my brows before letting me go!  It was love at first sight!  I had to ask the exact products used because my brows looked amazing...and amazingly...different!

And I was told she used THIS....

a photo of Benefit 3D BROWTones Brow Enhancer

I've done my brows so many times at Benefit Brow Bar (various branches, all the Brow Experts are good!)  and I've tried both shades 2 and 4, so far, with my new hair color, no. 2 won!

a photo of Benefit 3D BROWTones Brow Enhancer Review_AskMeWhats

Benefit 3D BROWTones Brow Enhancer says ---

Brows come to life with this brush-on highlighting gel! The custom mess-proof brush applies evenly from root-to-tip. It softens the look of darker brows with subtle highlights and enhances lighter brows with depth & dimension. Wear alone or with your favorite brow pencil. Includes signature Tips & Tricks!
  • Instant brow highlights
  • Mess proof application
  • Water-resistant, 12-hour wear*

Details: 6.0 mL / 0.2 US fl. oz.

AMW says --- 


  • Packaging.
  • The rubber wand is perfect!  It's very easy to use and it moves along with your brows!  
  • 3D BROWtones gives a nice, natural highlight to my brow hairs.
  • The effect is extremely natural you couldn't tell I had something on my brows.
  • Lasts the whole day or until makeup removal.  
  • Sweat-proof, waterproof, smudge and smear-proof.
  • Very easy-to-use.  Fool-proof even for first-timers.
  • Softens my feature.


  • If you have extremely dark brows and is expecting to "change the color of your brows", the effect won't be as drastic as other brow mascaras you see.  
  • You have to apply a couple of times to see result (pertaining to users with extremely dark brows)

Definitely a BROW ENHANCER and not to be treated as a BROW MASCARA!  The Benefit 3D Browtones gives perfect dimension and highlight to your brows!  A perfect add-on brow product to your existing brow regimen.


  • Define your brows using your choice of brow products.  
  • Benefit 3D Browtones is best used as a last step on your brow product application.
  • Light colored hair will go for shade 2 which is light.
  • If your hair color is dark or medium, go for 4 Medium.
  • Photo of Newer Packaging
  • If you have sparse brows and wanted it to look naturally full, pick Benefit Gimme Brow.

Will I repurchase?
YES!  I did!  Have backups na!

To whom do I recommend this to?
Best used for girls with thick brows!  Those who already have good brows and wanted to create dimension and highlight.

Where to purchase and how much?
At local Benefit Counters priced at around Php1,400-Php1,600.  Will reconfirm price!

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a photo of Benefit 3D BROWTones Brow Enhancer Review_askmewhats

As for application, I like to apply it like a normal brow mascara!  
Check out my other brow, it was defined with a brow pencil before I applied 3D Brow Tones.  
a photo on how to use Benefit 3D BROWTones Brow Enhancer

Before and After

Bare brows vs Brows with Benefit 3D BrowTones, see how natural it looks?  It just highlights my brows and best used together with existing brow product/s.
a before and after photo using Benefit 3D BROWTones Brow Enhancer shade 2

Do you think you need a brow enhancer?  Or highlights for brows?
I used to think I don't need one until I used this!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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  1. I'm brow powder girl but this coming summer, I plan to invest in some good pomade or perhaps a browscara. I've been eyeing this for so long.


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