Sunday, January 1, 2017

New Year, New Look!

As much as I thought I won't have any "me" time before year ends, I'm glad I was wrong!  My schedule for the 27th freed up a bit and my mom-in-law can help me look after Kyle for the whole day so I've decided to squeeze in as many things I can do in a day (para sulit ang biyahe)

I was scheduled for a Post-Christmas get-together with good friends for brunch and decided to take a short trip at Benefit Greenbelt Branch for my much-deserved brows!  (By the way, I've tried ALL their Brow Experts on Almost ALL branches in Metro Manila, they are all good!)  

Traffic isn't that bad from Makati to Ortigas so I've decided to finally go all the way to Podium for a Hairshaft Salon date with Angela.  

Angela was my "Hair angel" who recommended me to Fred Penales of Hairshaft salon and I told her I got hooked with his magical hands when it comes to hair color!  I was SHOCKED when I entered the salon as the place was packed with women with the same goal as me: "New Hair for the New Year!"  No matter how busy the place was, I still see a lot of smiles and laughter from the staffs which made me feel comfortable immediately!  

Now what to do with my hair?  I'm usually low-maintenance with my hair color and I always tell Fred to "do what you want but it has to be on a brown side".  For the first time, I actually came in prepared!  Showed Fred just 2 photos of my Hair Peg and he just took a peak and went: "Okay!"  Grabe, ang bilis ha!

Just in case you're wondering, here's my hair peg....

Of course it has to be considered that I colored my hair recently so I already have a 'base color' which may change the result!  I don't mind, as long as the color works for my skin tone and my overall look, I'm okay!  And so far, I'm glad I went for this Soft Balayage look because I love it a lot!  I love the Ash Brown base which uplifts my mood every time I look myself in the mirror.

Another person to look for if you're at Hairshaft is Miguel also known as #Miguelized  I've seen his works (in person) and is very impressed!  God really blessed them with magical hands I must say!

Overall, I am looking forward to the coming year!  2016 has been great for me!  I won't be doing the usual "roundup" on my 2016 because I've been thanking YOU guys and GOD so many times in most of my blog posts for the gratitude I feel in my heart!

Cheers AMW friends to a wonderful 2017! do you like my new look?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. New look for new year! Ganda ng hair mo, Ms. Nikki. ❤

  2. I love ur hair color..saw it in your IG stories. You're a star in your own way..that hair stylist is known for styling/coloring movie stars! Bagay na bagay po!

    1. aww thanks love! that's such a sweet statement! HUGS
      And yup, they are packed talaga and I can see why, they are really good ha!

  3. Your brows is somewhat different I think it is thicker from what I use to see on you. Anyway I love the new hair!

    1. well sis, you really knew me too well! I had my brows done at Benefit Brow Bar that day so I wasn't the one who drew it! :D


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