Wednesday, January 25, 2017

How to Use the Sleek Strobing Souffle?

The fluffy eyes are back!  I've been sleeping late for several nights in a row (blame it on YouTube and series marathon) so obviously, I have puffy eyes!  Instead of working against it, I've decided...what the heck?  Just use it to my advantage! :P  

The power of Positive-Thinking and the power of Sleek Strobing Souffle in Pink Opal. 

Can you spot where I specifically used the product?  Not too much I hope?  Well..that's the point!

a photo of Nikki Tiu AskMewhats wearing Sleek Strobing SOuffle Pink Opal

Just so you know, Sleek MakeUp launched their New Rockstars Collection last October 2016 and I had this Strobing Souffle left in my "to review basket" for the longest time!  As I was finally being adventurous and "I don't care how my makeup turns out" mood, I "whipped" the Strobing Souffle and decided to apply it here and there and the result was just what I want!

a photo of Sleek Strobing SOuffle Pink Opal

Sleek MakeUP Strobing Souffle in Pink Opal
Php595.00 (approx $13.20)

a photo of Sleek Strobing SOuffle Pink Opal

Housed in a gel-liner type of pot, it doesn't hurt to ALWAYS remind you guys to seal the cap TIGHTLY after every use!  Because it will dry out I tell you!

a photo of Sleek Strobing SOuffle Pink Opal

Pink Opal is a cool tone sheer an dshimmer pink shade that would look very good on fair to medium skinned gals.  Anything with "pink" would give a boost of "brightness" to wherever you applied.  But since this product has a lot of shimmers, you have to be very careful in application.

a swatch photo of Sleek Strobing SOuffle Pink Opal

Now I only applied a subtle cat-eye liner and went ahead to apply Pink Opal at the center of my eyelid with a patting motion.  The best brush to use?  Any synthetic flat concealer brush but I love paring this makeup with the Etude House My Beauty Tool 110 brush because it is dual-ended.  A medium size and super small concealer brush head in a single brush!  

The smaller brush is perfect to apply the same Pink Opal on the lower lashline for that "fluffy eyes" effect.

To achieve the subtle yet "I can still see the sparkle" effect, it took me around 2-3 layers of Pink Opal before I am happy with the result.  Now this makeup look is VERY tricky especially for those who are monolided or those who have puffy eyes!  You may need to contour your eye area first with a matte eyeshadow powder in Taupe shade before you pack Pink Opal (only at the center, I repeat, only at the center of the lid)  
a photo on how to apply Sleek Strobing SOuffle Pink Opal_Etude House My Beauty Tool Brush in 110_Nikki Tiu

And to really complete that "fluffy eye" makeup effect.  It is best not to apply eyeliner on the lower lashline, trust me guys, my right hand was really stopping my left hand from reach out for an eyeliner pencil!
a photo of Nikki Tiu_AskMeWhats wearing Sleek Strobing SOuffle Pink Opal

Now how to maximize the effect of Sleek Strobing Souffle?  Apply a tiny amount on the tip of your nose, you may also apply some on top of your lipstick or gloss and my favorite?  Apply a super thin layer on your collarbone for that "sexy" effect.  

a photo of Nikki Tiu AskMeWhats wearing Sleek Strobing SOuffle Pink Opal

If you have darker complexion that me, fret not!  You may do the same technique/s I did with the Smoky Quartz shade which is a gorgeous golden bronze color!

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