Thursday, January 26, 2017

Watsons K-Beauty Launch, Get it K-Beauty!

I have been sleeping super late at night because I am watching K-drama.  Yes, the Weightlifting Fairy, and yes, Goblin on my next to-watch list.  We all know K-Dramas and Beauty loving is almost synonymous to each other.  Don't ask me why, it just goes hand-in-hand.

And because Korean makeup trend is definitely not leaving the scene anytime soon.  Watsons, our favorite "to-go-to place" when it comes to beauty products, curated the hottest and trendiest Korean skin care and beauty products in a specialized K-Beauty Corner in over 150 stores around the Metro. 

Who among you has this "palpitating heart"?  I know I did, as soon as I saw the spread of Korean brands right in front of me.  Are you excited to know what's available (finally) within reach?  No need for online shopping?  No need to second-guest which shade works or do not work for you?

Bling Some!

Coxrx, Banila Co. 

Cathy Doll


Holika Holika

 SNP, MediHeal

Other brands not on photo but are also available are --- Jayjun, April Skin, MeFactory, Tony Moly, iWhite, Deoprose, Yumei Mise, Leaders Insolution, Ciracle and Organic Surge and a whole lot more!

Yours truly was suddenly called for a short interview regarding skincare and face masks!  Everyone knew how much of a face mask fan I am so I was able to share a tip or two (actually MORE!) to teh audience.

Watsons Get It K-Beauty products are available in SM Beauty Stores nationwide.  To those who still prefers to shop online, feel free to check out Watsons' e-commerce website at

With fellow Beauty Lovers
Shebby, Andy, Say

What are you most excited about?
Any brand you are particularly excited to try?
Me, I'm so happy Blingsome is here also COSRX!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. CosRX! I hope they will have skincare products too. :(

  2. Ohh it explains why I've been seeing a whole rack in watsons solely for sheet mask. I super love it!

    1. YES! super dami na! I'm so happy the Philippines is into skincare na talaga


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