Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Cathy Doll's 5th Year Anniversary Celebration in Bangkok, Thailand

So today is my birthday!  Yes, I am a year older and this post came right on time!  For me, getting older means getting extremely grateful for a year's worth of "life" and "experiences", a year older means conquering your fear too!  

I look like a very strong woman, but I do have my own fears!  Okay, this may sound too "OA" (Overacting) but I fear of separation with my toddler, you guys who follow my travel "logs" would probably realize how I haven't traveled for the past 3 years (last one was in the US with Kyle and Mr. AMW).  

A couple of weeks ago, I received an email to attend Cathy Doll's 5th Year Anniversary in Bangkok and I told myself it is TIME for me to go and conquer my fear of Separation Anxiety #Sepanx at the same time, appreciate the opportunities that was offered to me!  I finally said YES, and it was one of the BEST YES I did before I turn a year older.

Juggling multiple tasks and jobs on hand, I guess I don't have enough time to expand my learnings, so I guess at this stage, the best learning is through life's lesson and this short trip is an eye-opener for me!  There really isn't any "division" when it comes to the world of Beauty...people really flock together, giving each other's smiles (even with the lack of language skills) just because we all understand our similar passion.

That's me, sick and all but happy in Bangkok 
I realized Cathy Doll is indeed super Big in Thailand, they have ads almost EVERYWHERE! 

With just a full day in Bangkok and the rest of the days for travel, I am so glad to get to squeeze in a quick visit in one of their Karmart Store located at Siam.

Karmart is where you will find Cathy Doll products in Thailand same in modern trade channels such as 7-Eleven, Watsons, etc.. 

I got in to check out Cathy Doll Products and actually see which products we don't have here locally.

Display on Cathy Doll skincare.  I am so happy they finally have sunblock available both there and locally.

Hair and Bath Section.  We don't have the Dolly Hair at-home-coloring treatment.  Who knows right?  Maybe, in the future.

So many familiar products yet I also spotted a couple of new products not yet available locally.

Little did I know they also have Nail Colors available, mostly in glitters (for the teenagers) and young-at-heart.

Cathy Doll x Pokemon!
I was too excited I did a Facebook Live on this but unfortunately, this may not get into our shores due to licensing issues!  Well, to those who plan to travel to Bangkok or have friends who will go to Thailand, you know what to ask them to buy!

More tools like sponges, sharpeners, nail file, eyelash curler and even a "sili sponge" (Silicon sponge).  I didn't purchase a silicon sponge because I already own one (not from Cathy Doll) and will be putting up a review soon!

I also went through their makeup items!  There's the usual Geisha line which was launched last year, the newly launched 4D RealBrow Tattoo Tints and a lot more!

Spotted new liquid lip colors (mostly nudes and browns in shades so they all won my heart!)  Singles eyeshadows and Oil Control Translucent Oil Pact!

After checking out the store, we went for a bit of shopping and rushed back to the hotel to prepare ourselves for a quick meet-and-greet with Cathy Doll Thailand Endorsers and the celebration of 5th Year Cathy Doll Anniversary as well.

These are the times I thank God for giving me the hand of make-up artistry, I don't have to worry about looking for a make up artist to doll myself up! :) 

Wore BohkToh lashes

Tied my hair up because it was extremely hot and humid that day!  I'm glad I made that decision!

Dress by: Zalora Shoes by: So Fab!
 The meet-and-greet was extremely short but I was able to see these gorgeous endorsers in person.  I don't know them but judging by the way the fans scream, I knew that they are definitely masters of their craft!  It doesn't hurt that they all look beautiful and handsome.

The top 3 guys that actually won my heart too!
L-R Push, Boy Pakorn and Mario Maurer

Spot me with Endorsers and Cathy Doll Asia Pacific Bloggers.  Unfortunately, our own Cathy Doll Blogger Ms. Marilene Perez can't make it!  So I'm standing in for her in spirit :)

P.S. guys, puros millenials kasama ko hehehe
Official Photo by Karmart/Cathy Doll Thailand

Host of the event - Opal Panisara

Karmart's Mr. Gab welcomed the guests in Thai.  
The whole event was in Thai but we kinda get what's going on.

Aside from the famous endorsers, they also invited Eyebrow Masters to prove how effective Cathy Doll brow products are!

There's NongChat, make-up artist of the stars in Thailand.  Tony Brown, the eyebrow expert who obtained skills in Korea and Ms. Ying, the first 3D tattoo brow expert in Thailand with 20 years experience in the eyebrow field.

The event continued with each endorser modeling their product with a song number.

Margie Rasri for Cathy Doll 2-in-1 Snail Honey Ginseng with Gold

Leon Vasu for Cathy Doll CC Cream line

Jay for Cathy Doll Oil Control Translucent Powder

Push for Cathy Doll Whitening Sunscreen

He has this gorgeous dimples I had to take a closer shot!  I find him extremely adorable (after Mario!) hahaha

Ready 2 White endorser Ms. Chris Horwang

I was lucky enough to get a close-up photo with her!

Then there's AA Cushion endorser Mario Maurer

Filipinos love him and I totally understand why!

There's Boy Pakorn for Aloe Vera & Snail line.

Endorsers and Karmart's officials all together in one photo.
Congratulations Cathy Doll, cheers to more years!

And of course, I would like to Congratulate Lifestrong Marketing Inc. for bringing in Cathy Doll and for making the brand such a huge success in less than a year's time!  Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Lance Lee for tagging me along because I get to see and understand the history behind the brands/products I review.  These are just some of the opportunities I receive, all thanks to AskMeWhats.com and to YOU my dear readers! Thank you so much.

So rounding up my 37 years of existence, it wasn't that bad!  I'm looking forward to more years of great experiences and deeper friendships!

I love you all!  Promise, super love ko kayo for sticking up to me kahit na non-millenial na ako :P

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Happy Birthday, Ms. Nikki! You look younger than your age. I love how you did your makeup in the event and your bangs made you look like a Korean, ang dami mo nang nationality, haha!
    Wishing you more blessings and good health pati narin sa family mo.

    1. Thank you sis, I can never thank you enough for the well wishes especially for me and my family! That is the best gift ever! Thank you so much for being such a nice AMW reader and thank you for saying my makeup look fine and I have multiple nationalities! ok yon, parang POKEMON lang, nag eevolve :) Hope to see you around!

  2. hindi ko kinaya si mario maurer, waah. im so jealous! I didn't know na available pala dito ang cathy doll products. I'll definitely give it a try. ������

  3. Omg that's awesome! I love cathy doll since I first tried their products in 2013! Glad to see you had a great time at the event!


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