Saturday, February 18, 2017

Eureka Moment: For You With the Bangs

I had my bangs shortened since the start of 2017 and let me share to you something, I've had FULL BANGS for most of my schoolyear (Nursery 'til College) and like I said in my previous hair posts, I am not hailed as the "Bangs Girl" for nothing.

But for a decade now, I have always been sporting a side fringe, and going for full bangs again takes a lot of effort, patience and...well....EFFORT?

Especially with makeup application!  So Hair Velcros have been around for so long, I've used them professionally as a makeup artist and I've seen them around my make up artist friends too!  But personally, I have never thought of relying on them so much until the start of the year, when I've decided to sport full bangs again.

Thanks to my dear friend Sydney for gifting me this "packet of survival" as Christmas Gift.  You are heaven-sent!

I don't know the exact name of this but it is called Hair Velcro and I was told these are available at

In a packet, you get a pair of hair velcro and with all the colors I've used, my favorite will always be this simple black.

I've had a couple of "pacute" velcros in smaller rectangular shapes with designs.  Okay, after using them and throwing them away just because they don't grab all the baby hairs, I realized that the simplest design will always be the best.  If you get the chance to choose just a pair, go for these!  They are simple, straightforward, nothing fancy yet, they work!

I like to use both whenever I apply makeup.  One on each side.

It is very important not to go "against" the flow of your hair and just follow the lead of your bangs, I prefer to clip both side and they don't create a dent most hairpins give.

This is definitely a hair hack that I want to share to all of you!  They may look like the simplest thing in the world but they are darn useful!

Do you have any Eureka Moment idea/s for hair?
I'd love to hear from you!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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