Saturday, March 4, 2017

Something New: Belo Baby Hand Sanitizers

When Belo launched Belo Baby, I knew moms like me are more than willing to give "baby products" a test because we do everything for our "babies".

So when I saw Belo Baby came up with their own line of Hand Sanitizer, I'm so happy Sampleroom has stocks for their members to try by using their points!  I have to give these a test (on myself) before letting my active toddler use it!

Available in 3 scents: Peach, Green Apple and Blueberry
Full size 50ml Php49.75

A photo of Belo Baby Hand Sanitizer

According to Belo Baby ---
"Belo Baby hand sanitizer kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria. Aside from being hypoallergenic and dermatologist-tested, it is carefully formulated without harmful ingredients such as parabens, triclosan, chlorine, formaldehyde, and other common allergens. It is 100% safe and gentle! Moreover, it has glycerin that moisturizes skin, and an ultra-mild fragrance that leaves skin fresh."

A photo of Belo Baby Hand Sanitizer

In most cases where fragrance are involved, I usually start by taking a "whiff" on all variants and can play favorites already!  For the 3 variants, it was a pleasant surprise because I had a hard time choosing my favorites.  Thankfully, the scent is almost like a cologne but even lighter!  It lingers for around 5 minutes or so which isn't bad.

Now, it took a while but finally chose my favorite, it was a tough competition between Green Apple and Blueberry but I'll go for Blueberry just because my son picked it more than the Green Apple!  But in fairness to all 3 variants, they ALL smell great!

Off to the less superficial side, I've used the Belo Baby Hand Sanitizer for more than a week, started first 3 days using on myself before using it on my son!

The Belo Baby Hand Sanitizers are non-drying.  I have to admit, I don't have microscope to see if it does kill 99% of germs and bacteria as stated but hands definitely felt cleaner and it can actually remove dirt on my hands so that is good enough for me.

The good part is, it doesn't dry out my cuticles and it can actually keep my skin hydrated in a way my hands have a lovely "shine" to it!  I thought it was just my imagination but the subtle "healthy glow" is real!

As for any "hand sanitizers", I never spritz it directly on my son's hands but instead, spritz it on a towel and wipe my son's hands.  Better yet, I like using damp cloth, spritz with a good amount of hand sanitizer and wipe the towel on my son for less "direct contact".  

Thankfully, the Belo Baby hand sanitizers comes in spritz bottle, in LIQUID FORM, because I am not a fan of gel-type sanitizers (Personal choice).

Now, it's time for you mommies (even non-mommies) to give Belo Baby Hand Sanitizers a try.  You can try before you buy with points at

Keep smilin'
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  1. I'm team green apple because I get use to the scent from antibac of penshoppe ;)


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