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Somerset Millennium Makati

What is my idea of a "rewind" and "reset" from all my busy schedule?
Spending time with the family for sure!  No, it's not completely "relaxing" per se but I like spending time with them with a "staycation" or just be anywhere as long as it is with them.

As I worry about me and my son's "separation" before my Bangkok trip, it was a perfect timing to spend that weekend (before I leave the country) with him, letting him explore new places, new environment.  Just because, I want him to know there are so much more in this world!

Again, it wasn't as completely relaxing (as moms can relate) BUT, Somerset Millennium Makati was able to reset all the tired buttons --- will let you know how they were able to manage it.

Let me start by talking about the property first.  Located at the heart of Legaspi Village in Makati City, it is walking distance to Legaspi Park, Restaurants, Greenbelt Mall and you can even join Legaspi Sunday Market (which I always wanted to visit but my house is quite far!)

I will be very direct with the requirements of the room.  I used to be "Okay" with any rooms, but since turning into a mom with an active toddler who has a lot of preference, I am very particular with the "cut" of the rooms.  I prefer bigger space, lots of sunlight and of course, a bed big enough for a kid who prefers to lie down horizontally.  Most importantly, it must have "homey" feel so my son won't go screaming his head out shouting: "Let's Go Home!" if the place looks too "stiff".

Ang daming requirements no?  I KNOW....but thankfully, Somerset Millennium Makati passed our standards and actually gave us so much more!

The room we stayed in is a One-Bedroom Premier.  The room has undergone renovation giving the room a more contemporary-feel.  I love the extra jazz of modern furniture.

Living Room 

Can you spot Kyle?  He felt so at home right away, running around screaming: "WOW!"
This, my dear AMW friends, is enough for any parent to say...the stay is worth it!  
But then again, it was a lovely surprise to know that this was only the start.

Welcome Fruits and water

For the macaron-lovers (ahem, me!), this was a lovely surprise!

King-sized bed, the size was so perfect we are actually changing our current bed to a king-size after staying here.

The good thing about the Master Room is the size!  I love the extra touch of large windows were ample light peeks right through it.  The room was large enough for my son to run around without him bumping the furniture or hurting himself.

The Bathroom 

And the tub was well-appreciated.

For a mom who loves to cook, Somerset Millennium Makati offers comprehensive kitchen amenities!  I like how the kitchen is separated from the living area giving anyone staying there a chance to whip out their best dish without bothering whoever's in the living room watching TV! 

Can I add my excitement of a new sponge and dishwashing liquid?  Do you know how important it is and how we always tend to forget them whenever we go on a staycation?

As part of the property's renovation, they also has a new restaurant called Abuela's and our family was the few lucky ones who were able to try their top-selling dishes just when they were launched! 

Abuela's features heirloom Spanish recipes (recipes of the chef's grandparents) and he added a unique twist. 

Just some of the dishes our family ordered for dinner.

Mila's Roast Chicken
Succulent Chicken with stuffing of wild mushroom rice and other secret ingredients

Lengua Estofado by Lilibeth
Slow braised ox tongue with Chorizo, Tomatoes and Red Wine

Pork and Chicken Sate
Malaysian-flavored pork and chicken skewers served with Peanut Sauce.

We also tried Room Service the next day for Lunch and here's what we had from the same restaurant.

Bagnet with Thai Sauce
Ilocos Bagnet served with traditional kaffir Lime Sauce
I am not that much of a Bagnet fan but I can't stop eating this!  Definitely a must-try especially for those who wanted the Ilocos Bagnet minus the travel!

Lengua Estofado by Lilibeth
Slow braised ox tongue with Chorizo, Tomatoes and Red Wine

OUT FAVORITE dish!  You can see that we had one the night before and we had to order again.

Abuela's Pochero
Chicken, pork and beef stewed in chorizo stock served with tomato garlic concasse
As Mr. AMW and I were picking our dishes that Kyle can also appreciate, we came across Abuela's Pochero and said to ourselves: "What's a pochero?"  It was embarrassing but we actually haven't tried Pochero all our life!  So it's high time we try one and it was the best decision because aside from getting the best in all types of meat, the chorizo stock adds up to the flavors giving that sweet yet savoury taste on every bite!  The tomato garlic concasse is a must!

Abuela's Old Fashion Chocolate Cake
I don't know why this is even called old fashion because the taste can definitely make people of all ages smile!  Moist chocolate cake with Dulce de Leche filling will satisfy any sweet tooth.  The take home?  It isn't too sweet, the sweetness level is just right!

I personally like to eat this CHILLED.

And of course, what are you doing in a tropical island without having to enjoy a fresh glass of Ripe Mango Shake?

Just in case you felt like you gained some weight enjoying wonderful dishes from Abuela's, feel free to check out and use the new and modern fitness equipment at their fitness center.

And if you are a fan of swimming, feel free to enjoy their pool.

It was raining that day so I guess I had to go back to spend summer pool activities with the little boy.

And of course, for those barkada get-together, you can also play some "pool".  

I did mention that the staycation itself is relaxing for me, but Somerset Millennium were able to "up" their game!  I was able to enjoy a massage at the comfort of our bed!  It was the most relaxing 1 hour of my life while Mr. AMW went down to have his haircut done at The John Barbers Groomers.

I heard nothing but raves after he went up!  Aside from a "gwapo" haircut, he talks highly about the interiors, the superb service and relaxing massage!

The Groomers also offers other services such as Shave, Manicure and Pedicure, Facials, Hair Treatment, Massage, Hair Color and other fun services such as ear cleaning, steam press, shower lounge and even nap room.

The best part about these?  You get more than 5-star rate of service at an affordable price!  You don't believe me?  Deluxe cut starts at Php350.00!  

And girls, don't be intimidated by the name, girls can also spend time here!

Somerset Millennium Makati is one of the premier collection of The Ascott Limited's serviced residences in over 100 cities across Americas, Asia Pacific, Europe and the Gulf Region.  With 30 years' experience in supporting travelers who work and live away from home, you know you are getting the "Ascott Lifestyle" --- a service you don't feel like a paid-service at all, staying here really feels like HOME.

Somerset Millennium Makati
No. 104 Aguirre Street, Legaspi Village Makati City, Philippines
For reservations please call: (632) 550-3200 

What's your favorite place to stay for a weekend staycation?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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