Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Maybelline #PowderYourPout Powder Mattes Lipsticks Launch

How does it feel to stand beside our country's up and coming model signed on to Wilhelmina Models (One of the biggest global modelling agencies)?  Surprisingly awesome!  In just a quick photo-op, I get to chitchat a bit with this girl and learned how down-to-earth she is!

She whispered: "So what does Maybelline PH Squad gets?".  "An exclusive preview of Maybelline's newest products to be launched before it hits the market." I softly responded.  And she exclaimed: "WOW!  That is so cool!"  

Seriously Kelsey!  Your job is way "cooler" but you made me feel like I have a better job than hers!  That's how crazy simple this gorgeous girl was!  No wonder Maybelline handpicked her to be their latest endorser and I can understand why.

She is a type of model who struggles to balance her schedule between University studies and work and stays true to herself and manage the embrace the life she has chosen --- no complaints!

I love this girl!

Aside from launching Maybelline's newest endorser, it was also the day I get to try the first ever lightweight matte lipstick called Maybelline Powder Mattes.  Wore one during the shoot and indeed, it felt lightweight, like I'm not wearing any lipstick at all!

As you all know, matte lipsticks are in since the start of Beauty Blogging, I remembered swatching the first matte lipstick that made my lips look like the most expensive crocodile-skin to inserting "Eureka Moments" post on matte lipsticks that can actually work for my parched lips!  

Until today, I am still on the lookout, like what my Beauty Blogger friend Phoebe would say: "Nikki, if you say it isn't drying, we know it will be good!"  She knew my quest for the best non-drying lipsticks and I'm definitely putting the new Maybelline Powder Mattes to test.

According to Maybelline ---
"The Powder Mattes by Color Sensational are infused with 2x saturated powder pigments and honey nectar, the Powder Mattes lipstick collection gives your lips an ultra-powdery matte finish that feels silk smooth and perfect for any everyday look.  With 15 exciting nude, red and pink shades to choose from, updating your lipstick collection will be as exciting as updating your wardrobe."
 The best part about this collection is that, I can instantly choose from my favorite shades of Nudes, Reds and Pinks in an instant!  They have just almost every color a Filipina need!


L-R Barely There, Nude Illusion, Make Me Blush and Touch of Nude

The Pinks of course, favorite by all!  Translates into soft, feminine yet could also be Strong and Powerful look.

L-R Mauve It Up, Technically pink, Pink Potion, Pink Shot, 
Up To Date and Fuchsia Flush

Who would have thought there are so many translations of reds?

L-R Cherry Chic, Noir Red, Plum Perfection
Red-dy Red, Get Red-dy

I am currently at the testing stage, been wearing different shades of Powder Mattes during my Thailand trip until this very moment.  Will share an in-depth review soon because I know I test/review for the majority of girls who have the driest of all dry lips out there!  *cheers*? :P

Maybelline Powder Mattes lipsticks are available at Maybelline counters nationwide for only Php299.00 each tube.

What's your favorite Powder Matte shade?
I've been picking Touch of Nude so many times I have to be unfaithful!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


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