Sunday, March 19, 2017

Weekend Food Trip at: Pho Hoa Lucky Chinatown

We usually spend family time at Lucky Chinatown because aside from it being the nearest mall to us, it is a place where my son can actually have fun!

There's Kidzoona, Kyle's Barber Shop is also there, there's also a Toy Kingdom and an open area where he can walk around as he enjoys the view of colorful lanterns.

That said, we've tried almost ALL the restaurants in the mall and we actually have a favorite!

Pho Hoa is right across Toy Kingdom and we actually saw how crowded the restaurant is every weekend!  We've tried Pho Hoa restaurants in other branches so many times but this particular one is our ultimate favorite.

2 Reasons ---

  • The food really tastes better in this branch.
  • The servers are very attentive and helpful!  We have a favorite guy server who is super smiling all the time whenever he assists us, will have to get his name and update it here!

And we may order different dishes but we have our staples.

Vermicelli Bowl
Grilled Chicken, Veggies and Fried Rolls 
Large Bowl for php350.00

It comes with a good serving of their super yummy vinegar sauce!  We also love Pho Hoa's version of Fried Rolls we always order extra servings separately.

Pho Nam Bo Vien
Large Php315.00
Meatballs Pho
Very flavorful soup base and yummy noodles!

Com Ga Nuong Cha Gio
Grilled Chicken and Fried Spring Rolls with Rice
Another favorite because it also includes my favorite vinegar dressing Pho Hoa style!  The sauce is sweet and sour blended so well together you don't know if it's legal to just eat the fried rice with this vinegar sauce!  Ang sarap talaga!

Goi Cuon


Fresh Spring Rolls

If you think fried is too much for you or you prefer the healthy route, feel free to order this because you get fresh vegetables wrapped in a soft wrapper.  Peanut sauce lovers?  Ask for more serving of this!

Com Thit Bo Kho
Beef Brisket on Rice
To those who thinks Pho Hoa only serves Fresh Spring Rolls and Vietnamese noodle soup, you got it all wrong!  I used to think that way but once I saw how many variety their food choices are (especially rice plates), I knew I can dine in here so many times without getting tired of eating the same thing!  This Beef Brisket is indeed a lovely surprise!  They perfected it so well I almost thought I'm in a Chinese restaurant :)

Pho Hoa Restaurant
Third Floor, LUcky Chinatown Binondo Manila

What's your favorite dish at Pho Hoa?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


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