Monday, March 20, 2017

Happy Skin x Disney Beauty and the Beast Moisturizing Matte Lip Kit

I grew up to be a non-Princess type of kid.  You see me chasing after kids playings "Touch Taya" or "throw the ball", "Patintero", "Touch the Wall" and worst (my husband still can't believe I did this), I climbed our house gate and people-watch!  And the gate is around 10 feet high!

Tomboy on the outside, I'm a Disney Princess at heart, I don't get to watch TV as my grandfather is really strict about his "apos" watching television but I get a good serving of Disney Stories with a casette tape and book to read along!  

One Disney Princess character I'm drawn into is Belle Gold also known as "Beauty".  She has the beauty not only on the outside but a golden beauty on the inside.

And it excites me to receive this Limited Edition Happy Skin X Disney Beauty and the Beast Moisturizing Matte Lip Kit priced at Php1,199.00.

The Kit Includes ---
Happy Skin X Disney Beauty and the Beast Liquid Matte Lipstick (Php699.00)
Happy Skin X Disney Beauty and the Beast Matte Lip Liner 

The shade is close to the rose shade.  
The lip liner has a smooth and creamy consistency even someone with extremely dry lips can use.
The Liquid Matte Lipstick on the other hand applies smoothly and does not sit on dry  lip lines.  

Both are highly pigmented, you get true-to-the-pencil and true-to-the-tube color in just a single swipe.

I can actually get away by wearing ONLY the Pencil... as for application, if you have dry lips like I do, apply with vertical strokes to prevent lips from flaking.

The lip liner is highly pigmented and true to the pencil shade!  

I actually like wearing this alone on no makeup days because it looks really soft on my features.

But of course, if I would like to create more color and more "oomph", I'll apply a good layer of the Matte Liquid Lipstick on top.

This is how modern Beauty would look like --- nah!  Just an inspiration!  This is definitely a perfect everyday lip color!

Have you gotten yourself the Happy Skin Limited Edition Moisturizing Matte Lip Kit X Beauty and the Beast?

Happy Skin X Disney Beauty and the Beast are available in all Happy Skin Stores near you.  For branches and product information, visit

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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