Sunday, April 23, 2017

I Update More on Social Media #LikeNeverBefore

If you follow me on ALL my social media accounts (@Askmewhats guys, shameless plug).  You'll find that I update more often than before!  Way more often than the past years!

Here's the main reason why: 

  1. I like my family, friends and relatives to be updated with my life because they also follow me on my Social Media Accounts.
  2. I want my readers to know what I'm doing in real life.
  3. My internet connection is definitely better, WAY better than ever before so uploading those Live videos isn't as pain in the neck as before!  (and yay!  I don't have much jumbled IG stories anymore!)

What my friends are teasing me about whenever they check out my updates.  
It is mostly about my Unico Hijo #KyleNash

More about #KyleNash and my adventure homeschooling him for the past 3 months!  Guys, I won't do this forever, I am actually looking into enrolling him again in a new school comes start of the school year.

Random family trips (mostly nearby).  Alam niyo na fellow mommies, hirap mag travel with a super active toddler!  Especially boys!  Di na kaya ng 38-year-old body ko! :P

Of course, my job as a Professional Makeup Artist, I also post mostly my whereabouts, how I set up my work station, and on days I get enough time....

I also post RAW before and after photos of clients.

Let's not forget, I go to events a couple of times a week, so you'll see me update about those too!  Including initial thoughts on products I recently purchased or received for review ---> That is actually a "followers' favorite"!  I get tons of request to keep on doing that! THANK YOU !

And to those who knew where I live, you always know my ultimate complaint whenever I attend events...the crazy traffic and driving adventures.

Don't worry, I only update when I get stuck in traffic.

And who could forget my homecooked meals done LIVE on IG videos?  They aren't as exciting as those on TV but you get to peak how simple my meals are! Simple yet fun to do!

And of course, we may not look like we date..but we do!  Mostly with a cute third wheel but we don't mind!

And truthfully, I have to thank my mobile service provided Smart for giving me the most reliable network ever!  I can definitely share all those real-time moments even to strangers by simple uploading photos, videos or just by liking their photos, comment on their posts and just share random "inspirational quotes" to uplift each others' moods.

Let's not forget that my ultimate goal is to be there for my friends and loved ones, how?  My giving them advises or just be there to "listen" (aka read) on their rants and make them feel better!  #IamNotCalledAskMeWhatsForNothing

I know I've seen complaints on ALL network providers for the past months, and I'm not here to say it was the best before, but giving my word..I definitely felt the difference of my network TODAY.  It is definitely faster (or fastest based from past experience) LTE connection that makes me do all the above-mentioned activities.

So seriously, THANK YOU Smart for giving me the best service like never before!  Going through busy schedules, traffic and all those crazy tasks seems much easier when I'm connected with the people I love!

Feel free to watch Smart's Newest TVC ( and visit their website for more information

How did your mobile service provided made an impact in your daily life?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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