Sunday, April 23, 2017

Weekend Food Trip at: Third Space Studio Cafe, Banawe

You will always have me at "COFFEE SHOPS".
Ask me out on a date and tell me: "Let's have Coffee."  My heart skips a beat!

It was one SUPER HOT lunch time when we just came back from "School hunting" for Kyle Nash.  As Mr. AMW was busy taking care of his "bank errands" at BDO, I chanced upon a nice looking cafe/restaurant called Third Space Studio Cafe.  Judging by the look on the outside, I knew it will be a place I would enjoy chillax-ing.

And my gut-feel was super right!

The Coffee Jelly Frappe (Php145.00) isn't something I'd go back for but I would definitely give their "hot drinks" a try!  The coffee lover in me definitely wasn't that impressed with this drink, nothing bad but I have had better.

Let's talk about the ambiance, the Cafe/resto is quite huge!  You get a nice space with differently designed tables and chairs and half of the area (at the background of photo below) is a huge space where I saw customers playing basketball!

(Masaya na kami sa loob, promise, ang init eh!)

The cafe/restaurant was filled with sentimental music (both Tagalog and International songs) from a cute jukebox right next to the door!  This is definitely a huge PLUS for me who's an intense music lover!

Let's talk about the food!  The restaurant has a nice menu offering of simple feel-good food!  You get a choice of Beef, Chicken, Fish and Pork and I must say, their "good for 2-3 rice" is just so huge I can't help but overeat!

Garlic Rice
Loaded with crunchy garlic bits, very tasty 
and the rice isn't a week old for sure!

Korean BBQ
Php255.00 (ala carte)
Pan grilled pork cutlets in sesame BBQ sauce
The serving isn't as huge as other orders!  The flavor isn't that of the usual Korean BBQ you eat in Korean Restaurants but this is a nice change!  The pork has a bit of fat, not too tender yet not rubbery.  I like the sweetness that almost reminded me of "Tocino".

Lechon Sisig
Php255.00 (ala carte)
Chopped lechon, tossed in chili onion 
and creamy spiced sisig sauce,
topped with pork cracklings.
This is how a pork sisig should taste like and if ever I return this restaurant, I wouldn't mind ordering this again!  I like the hint of spiciness and the extra texture of crunchy pork cracklings, it gets spicier bite after bite but nothing that burns your tongue!

Roast Beef
Php255.00 (ala carte)
Sliced beef brisket in beef broth gravy.
Definitely a dish for garlic lovers!  If you're not a fan of garlic, better not order this as the beef gravy has a strong garlic taste.  The sliced beef are mostly tender but you get some that are hard to chew!  The flavor is just right, nothing too spectacular but definitely for those who love gravy with rice.

Overall, I will definitely go back because the dishes are like those of our favorite home-cooked meals cooked by mom!

Have you seen this restaurant?
Which other restaurants around Banawe area would you recommend me to try?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Wow looks like a really cozy cafe. The beef brisket looks yummy. :)

    1. super wanting to return nga ! ang ganda ng place

  2. Wow! I think their food is worth trying. I haven't been there and not so familiar with other cafes o restos there. I only been to Bugis..and I really like their Laksa.

    1. yes yes yes! worth trying, Bugis tastes good ha! Tried takeout lang, haven't dined in pa :D

  3. This looks very nice! I've actually never had garlic rice though, clearly I am missing out.


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