Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Karadium x Pucca Shine Up Finish Review

When I saw Korean makeup brand Karadium collaborated with my favorite "cartoon character" of all time Pucca under "Pucca Love Edition", I knew I have to get my hands on the products even if they don't work!  

Seriously, I've been a long-time Pucca fan (since year 2002) when there aren't ANY Pucca merchandise yet locally.  My brother has to travel to purchase Pucca items for me and the collection evolved into my University Students in China learning how much I love this character, gifted me EVERYTHING Pucca-related --- from carpet to coin banks, stuff toy, keychain, t-shirt and a whole lot more!  Though I stopped collecting, deep in my heart, I knew I can't let this Karadium Love Pucca Limited Edition makeup slip through my hands!  I just can't!

So upon learning that this collection is available online via YEF Shop, I went crazy and clicked away!  

 Of course, I didn't just "clicked away", I made sure the products I get have a clear print of my "face" a.k.a. Pucca face!

Can you guess which particular product I will review first?  See that nice sheen on my cheekbones?

a photo of Karadium x Pucca Shine Up Finish Review

Karadium Love Pucca Shine Up Finish Powder
Php560.00 (approx $11.20)

a photo of Karadium x Pucca Shine Up Finish Review YEF SHOP

Karadium x Pucca Shine Up Finish says ---

  • 3 in 1 trio contour maker 
  • Three colors similar to the skin tone and a pearly shimmer make a bright and natural 3D contour face.
  • Transparent sheen, glowing effect 
  • This enables that the skin to be more lustrous with vibrancy and, presents a three-dimensional face with natural light.
  • Terracotta baking process 
  • Soft Pearl Powder adheres to the skin by terracotta method so presents a long transparent sheen and glossy face.
  • size: 9g

Housed in a simple matte white compact with a cute grinning printed on cover.  You get a "highlighting powder" in 3 shade.

L-R Beige, Gold and Pink

a photo of Karadium x Pucca Shine Up Finish Review YEF Shop

All 3 shades are so faint you can hardly tell the difference upon swatch.  As for application, you can either apply this on all parts of your face that you like to "Highlight", as for me, even with dry skin, I prefer to use it in a subtle manner so I won't look like I'm having oil-issues, I like to use a blush brush ad gently apply on the highest point of my cheeks.

a photo of Karadium x Pucca Shine Up Finish Review YEF ONLINE SHOP

With the mixture of Beige, Gold and Pink, the result is very subtle yet it gives an instant boost of "brightness from within".  

a photo of Karadium x Pucca Shine Up Finish Review YEF ONLINE SHOP

As for any highlighting powder, the staying powder isn't great, it lasts around 4-5 hours on normal and dry skin so reapplication is needed!  I wish it comes with a small brush like most blush compact but I don't mind using my clean fingers in applying key areas of my face (ex. Cheektones, Nose bridge and chin)

For the price of Php560.00, I don't mind recommending this because you do not only get a cute limited edition product, you get a product that works!

Do you know / like PUCCA?
Will you purchase makeup just because your favorite character is printed on packaging?
You guys know my answer!  I'm always a sucker for cute packaging!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Oh the effect is so lovely! Yeah I think pucca is very you.

    1. yeah, i lot of my friends say PUCCA is the cartoon version of me

  2. I'm also a sucker for cute packaging hahaha. For me sailormoon is the best lol.


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