Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Watsons' Mask Revolution: 7 days with Lindsay Energizing Gold Modeling Mask

So thankful for Watsons Philippines to entrust me with #WatsonsMaskRevolution together with fellow Beauty Enthusiast!  I was tasked to do a do a challenge to achieve K-Drama Girl's glowing skin!  All I have to do is to use 7 masks for 7 consecutive days.

It wasn't a difficult challenge because I have been a long-time face mask fan!  What excites me more is to share this wonderful contest to readers because I know how effective face masks are and I want 3 of them to get to experience and appreciate the benefits of "Mask-ing".

According to Watsons ---
"Mask and You Shall Receive! 
Snap, upload and get a chance to win Php5,000 worth of K-Beauty products from Watsons Philippines.Join your favorite blogger and show us your own take on the #WatsonsMaskRevolution challenge by posting your most creative selfie on Instagram! Tag the blogger of your choice and don’t forget to use the hashtags #WatsonsKbeauty #WatsonsPH and #WatsonsMaskRevolution.See full details on the blogs of our featured bloggers who accepted the challenge."
I challenged my readers via Instagram with the following requirements:

  • Follow @WatsonsPH and @AskMeWhats on Instagram.
  • Post your own version of the challenge in the most creative shot using the official hashtags #WatsonsKbeauty #WatsonsPH, #WatsonsMaskRevolution and #WatsonsXAMW
  • 3 girls with the most creative shot (I will have friends to help me pick) will win Php5,000 worth of sheet masks.
  • Chosen girls are eligible to win only once.  This applies to the multiple Instagram picture uploads submitted by any same participants and those who also joined on other Bloggers' contest.
  • All incomplete submissions will be automatically disqualified.
  • Organizer reserve the right to change the prize without prior notice depending on the availability of the products.
  • Organizer and Bloggers reserves the right to change the winner of the contest if the winner does not respond within 48 hours after notification.
Now, before I announce the 3 lucky winners, here's my take on my own 7-day #WatsonsMaskRevolution challenge.

Because I have been a sheet mask user for the longest time and actually missed using "Modeling Masks" (I started with this type of mask way back when I was working in China).  I went ahead and tried Lindsay All-in-One Energizing Gold Modeling Mask for 7 consecutive days.

Unlike normal sheet masks, this you have to add water, mix it and gently apply on your face like a wet cement.  And just like any "wet cement" it dries and turn a bit hard.

The reason why I am more of a sheet mask person is because it is mess-free and easier to use.  But for some reason, the "modeling mask" gives me the sense of "facial".  I used to go to my favorite facial salon in Shenzhen, China on a weekly basis for relaxation and I got the same feel doing this.

After 15-20 minutes, the mask harden and you can peel off easily as shown on photo below.

After 7 full days of using the Energizing Gold Modeling Mask Variant (I actually went to Watsons and purchased 4 more of this to see the result of using just ONE variant.)                              

After 7 full days, here's my before and after photo.  Just by looking at the photo, there isn't much difference, but I will definitely share to you how I feel about using ONLY the Lindsay Energizing Gold Modeling Mask.

AMW says ---

  • My skin gets a bit red on first 2 days of usage.  A bit itchy but none of the burning sensation or allergic reactions.  It went away on 3rd day of usage.  (Note from AMW: if you have sensitive skin, please do a patch test at the back of your ear or just a small portion of your face).
  • Skin feels hydrated and brighter after 3rd use.
  • Skin looks brighter and "lighter", I had someone complimented my make-up free skin.
  • Be very gentle not to let the product get into the eye as it may sting!  
  • The mask (once harden) is easy to remove.  
  • It is best to use the "spatula" that's included in the modeling clay pack.  Apply thickly (doesn't have to be evenly).  
  • It is best not to talk much once you applied the Modeling Clay Mask.  Close your eyes and relax.
Overall, I may not have the luxury of time to do this on a daily basis but I don't mind doing this at least once or twice a week!  I can definitely feel my skin looks glowing and more even with the extra help of this product.

Have you tried "Modeling Clay Masks"  Will you give these types of masks a try?

P.S. Please watch out for my announcement of 3 winners HERE and on Instagram (will tag winners)  The names have been chosen and will be checked by the brand to make sure there are no repetition of winners!  Please be patient :) 

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. The masks look interesting although I would have to agree that sheet masks are winners in the no-mess category.

  2. I'm into sheet masks too... Parang messy kasi pag hindi sheet mask. Pero gusto ko yan ma-try.mukhang maganda eh.thank you for sharing your review.

  3. Hi ate I really love reading your reviews and blogs sana talaga mapili nyo ako @iamdextersumait po yung instagram ko ����

  4. Hi nikki, where can I buy those mask here in manila?


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