Saturday, April 15, 2017

Sample Room's Summer ParTEA!

When Sample Room reached out to me to be included in their "Partner Bloggers" list, it wasn't a difficult decision to say "YES" upon hearing their mission.  A mission I've been constantly hoping for whenever I write product reviews.

"Who wouldn't want to try the product first before buying them?Sample Room is here to give you that option. And this is our inspiration."

Fast forward to several years after, I am one of the lucky "many" who are part of this growing family!  I get to try out product samples before I can decide if I'll commit to a full-sized version.  I get to read reviews from fellow consumers who have availed samples and also from fellow Beauty Bloggers who are as "OC" as I am when it comes to product testing.  

Seriously, Sample Room is a gift from the Beauty Heavens.

And just when I thought I was lucky enough to be part of this lovely community, Sample Room invites Partner Bloggers each year to enjoy Summer!

This year, it was held at the beautiful Manila Polo Club!  With partner brands who believes and support the mission and vision of Sample Room.

By far one of the best tea brand that I've tried.  I was able to try this December last year when I was gifted this by a friend.  I can't stop drinking this tea every night and my favorite flavor as of the moment is the White Magic Milk Oolong Tea.  Jasmine comes in 2nd and I can't wait to try the rest of the flavors!  

I remembered panicking as soon as I finished my last bag of Basilur Tea, thankfully, I was at a meeting with a brand at Spatzle (Shangrila Mall) and saw that Basilur is available in a LOT of areas!  Please check out this link on where to purchase.

Also there to help make the event a huge success are Moringa-O2 and Belo Sunexpert.

The Moringa-O2 Scalp and Skin Therapy Oil is a crowd favorite!  I have tried their Argan Oil shampoo and it was a positive experience.

Belo Sunexpert, on the other hand, is another great sunblock that I personally use.  My favorite variant is the one safe for Kids and I also enjoy using the Transparent Mist!

And it's not like catching up is already fun enough, Sample Room ladies prepared a Floral Arrangement Activity.  I actually enjoyed listening to Mang Lito's tips on how to create a good flower arrangement.

I always thought Beauty is In the Eye of the Beholder and it still holds true, as long as a certain colors/color combination appears relaxing and gorgeous to your eyes, go for that!  On that specific day, I was craving for pastels!  So I went ahead and pick my favorite bright pastel shades adding a bit of "oomph" with a bright orange sunflower.  

Don't you think this simple bouquet looks pretty?  This photo will probably turn into my phone's wallpaper!  

Great reunion with Team E (missing Jheng, Tara, Dang and  Jamie).  I missed these girls!  We saw how each one of us grew to be fine ladies! :P

With the Iams, the gorgeous Angela and Jackie!  I don't know why I'm even part of this photo, I don't have washboard abs like them! hahaha Idaan ko na lang sa singkit guys! :P

With Katherine of Sample Room.  As much as she doesn't admit it, she loves me and craves for my presence (sorry Kat, no choice ka, Blog ko to!) :P

With Nats and Kats
I am the youngest in the family but I definitely have so many younger sisters in the Blogging World.

With my favorite Phoebe!  I love this girl to bits!  

Congratulations to Team Sampleroom!  Dianne, Nathalie, Sophie and Katherine, you girls are definitely an answer to all our prayers!  Sample Room not only help us  save money but we get to be part in this beautiful community where people help each other by giving reviews and sound advice to each other on products/services we spend money on!

Praying for many more years and I am so proud to be part of this community. 

To join Sample Room, register at

Have you used Sample Room's "Try Before You Buy" service? 
How was your experience?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. I love teas!!! I can't wait to try the Milky Oolong, although am not really a fan of Oolong Tea but Jasmine I love!

  2. I eat with my nose so it is no brainer for me to love jasmine tea though lately I've been enjoying green tea and ginseng too


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