Thursday, May 11, 2017

A Reminder To Always Make #TimeForMom

I grew up under strict supervision from mom.  She is a housewife, who does EVERYTHING for us!  From taking care of our grandparents, "palengke" duties, cook us breakfast/lunch/snacks/dinner and even drove us to and from school for more than 15 years!

Aside from that, she does the laundry (hand wash lahat) and iron all our clothes.  (Note: There are 4 of us siblings + grandparents + parents = you do the Math)

It was an extremely difficult task (almost impossible if I may add!), I see how she perspires as she run around doing errands without a single complaint!  That's why our relationship is strictly "I-listen-to-my-mom-or-else...."  There's no time for us to really talk or bond because she's too busy to even have a breather.  I remembered wishing we could have a closer relationship, like my classmates and their moms!  I used to wish she could be cooler like my friends' moms.

When I started working and when Mom was finally having more time on her hands,  I realized, our relationship shouldn't stay that way forever.  I make it a point to bond with her by taking her out for a quick facial or massage over weekend.  Our relationship definitely changed from just plain "mother-daughter relationshiop" to a "closer mother-daughter relationship".  It didn't happen overnight, it was a conscious effort for me to MAKE time and prioritize her.


Because this lady has done so much for me and my siblings and giving her just a couple of minutes or hours in a day will never be enough to show her how much I appreciate her.  But at least, we can always start somewhere.

And to those who wonder how I get to be THIS cheerful and how I get the energy to do multiple tasks like a Super Girl?  

Well, here's my tiny little secret that I'm finally sharing.  Behind this "Wonder Woman" that you think I am, .I have an even better SUPER WOMAN behind me who backs me up, supports me without limit and sends me love like no other --- She is my very own mom!  With her, I can be like that little kid who runs to her when I'm in trouble, when I'm tired or when I get hurt.  Of course, I also run to her when I'm happy, when I'm in my best mood.  I just run to her because she is my HOME.  The very person who loves me for who I am without expectations or limits.

That's my secret and it really works!

True enough, up until this very moment, at the full ripe age of 38.  I still call my mom every NIGHT before the day ends to tell her about my day and just to simply tell her how much I love her and miss her.  I am a 38 year-old mom who runs to my very own mom like a 8-year old who excitedly shares to her mom about her day, her troubles and just simply say: "Mama, I love you!"

Because of that, I am proud to say, I have this wonderful relationship with my mom thus making it easier for me to be a better mom myself!

Hay, ang dami kong drama no?  

Check out this tear-jerking video which I highly recommend EVERYONE to watch!  This is the reason why I wrote this post because it really hits the spot.  Especially now that I'm a mother myself, I hope we all understand how a mother's love is they worry and care about us every single day and it doesn't hurt to give them a call every once in a while to show them how much we think about them too!

Sige na please, call her, tell her you love her, you miss her and you appreciate everything that she has done for the Best Mother's Day Gift you can give to your mom!

To all fellow mommies out there...Advance Happy Mother's Day!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Gosh I couldn't even get past this post without shedding a tear. Yes, there is nothing more noble than being a mom and you won't really be able to fully appreciate how great your mom is until you have kids. I know in my heart even if I drink motolite for breakfast, I couldn't surpass the superwoman skills of my mother. Your moms seems like a remarkable woman. It shows in you.


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