Saturday, May 20, 2017


In the 90's, almost EVERYONE owns at least a bottle of CK ONE.  CK One took everyone (the world) by storm and I remembered saving every single penny of my allowances to purchase a small bottle of it just because it is a refreshing scent that works for EVERYONE (Male and Female alike).

Fast forward to 2017 --- CK finally came up with a predecessor called CK ALL!  

Can these familiar bottles bring you back to good 'ol memories?

The new CK ALL is a perfect scent for the energetic youth of today.  Why?  Because you get the same old CK ONE "feel" with a bolder scent.  I like how it reminds me so much of CK ONE but more...modern.

Created by iconic perfumer duo behind ck one, Alberto Morillas and Harry Fremont, ck all features the following fragrance families ---

Top notes: a bright and stimulating blend of bergamot, mandarin and grapefruit flower

Middle notes: taking it in a refreshing and clean direction is paradisone, coronal, lilyflore and rhubarb
Bottom notes: amber, musk and vetiver offer an expressive warmth

The CK ALL bottle is now in bright white bottle so you definitely won't miss it!  It has the easily recognizable iconic flask-shape bottle and I like it that I was able to add decals with my favorite statement: "I Love Positive Thinking".  Thank you so much Spark It! for inviting me.

With fellow Blogging friends (L-R) Jackie, Angela and Shen

Also was able to catch up with Trixie and Rowena.

CK ALL is available in all leading department stores nationwide. This includes SM, Rustans, Robinsons and other leading department stores. 

CK ALL Retail Price:
Eau de toilette spray 200ml: Php 4,598.00

Eau de toilette spray 100ml: Php 3,398.00

Eau de toilette spray 50ml: Php 2,498.00

Did you own CK ONE or CK BE in the past?
I've collected and used both so I am so excited to try this 3rd one!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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  1. CK One is still one of the fragrances that instantly makes me happy. Not much of a Be fan. I love the white bottle. Will buy one. :)


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