Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Tony Moly Dual Stamp Liner Review

So there is such thing as a "Stamp Liner".  I actually wasn't in need of any "liquid liner" as I have so many back ups to date but upon seeing this new "fad" from Tony Moly store, I had to grab one!  Just because AskMeWhats is definitely a venue for something new (especially on skincare and makeup) so I had to share my find!

Well, it isn't that new because I got this December of last year, I'm not even sure if this product is still available in store!  Blame the OC-ness in me to finish my makeup before I open a new one.

Housed in a very simple black packaging, you wouldn't call this "boring" when you see what this pen can do!

a photo of Tony Moly Dual Stamp Liner

A felt tip liner on one side a a "star tattoo stamp" on the other side.  You know you want a K-Pop look!

a photo of Tony Moly Dual Stamp Liner

Product description in English and Korean
01 Chic Star
(Also comes in Smiley Face and Heart) 
a photo of Tony Moly Dual Stamp Liner


a swatch photo of Tony Moly Dual Stamp Liner

I've used the liner side so many times and the "stamp" only when I'm home!  I don't plan to wear a star outside because I'll look like a crazy woman trying to act Cool! :P  I wouldn't mind using this to play dress up with my son at home and maybe, if I'm attending a costume party and needed some "stamps" on my face.  This is the easiest way to go!

a photo of Tony Moly Dual Stamp Liner in Star Chic

Tony Moly Dual Stamp Liner 01 Star Chic on me

a photo of Tony Moly Dual Stamp Liner Chic Star on Askmewhats

Here's what I have to say about the product ---

  • The felt tip brush is quite soft to touch.  Doesn't tug or hurt my eyelid.
  • The liner's pigmentation is quite good. 
  • The brush-pen is easy-to-use especially for first-time liquid liner users.
  • The stamp is so easy-to-use.
  • Long-lasting liner and stamp for users with normal or dry skin.
  • Oily-skinned users may need a bit of retouch midday especially if you perspire or oil-up a lot.

Overall, this is a unique product worth checking out!  I am actually using the liner side so many times I have a feeling I'll be "hitting the bottom" anytime soon now.  As for the stamp, I am actually using it to give stars for my son whenever he did a wonderful job!  

Tony Moly Dual Stamp Liners are available in all Tony Moly branches near year SRP Php778.00 (approx $16.80).

Do you think you'll be able to use the Tattoo Stamp on the opposite side of the liner?
How do you like it on me?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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  1. The star is actually really cute. I think my MIL can rock this outside even with the star. Haha


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