Tuesday, May 16, 2017

A: Concept Shape Of My Face Triple Contour Review

I've already "hit the pan" on my favorite daily contour powder Pony Effect Nice Shading in Crony and I'm slightly panicking.  Aside from fixing my brows, contouring is a make up step I actually DO NOT SKIP since the year 2017!  Don't ask me why but I'm quite liking the subtle "shade" that I have on a daily basis and I get compliments saying my face looks slimmer *hehehe* 

One of my most recent Althea order includes the A: Concept Shape of my Face Triple Contour.  I actually like to try out various brands of contour powders especially those made in Korea because I find the contour shades to be perfect for girls like me who has fair skin.

a photo of A: Concept Shape Of My Face Triple Contour Review

A: Shape of My Face Triple Contour
Php530.00 (from original price Php1,070.00)
Comes in one shade only.  The packaging is a simple round compact in matte plastic black packaging.  A: Concept logo is an overlapping triple triangle as shown on photo below.a photo of A: Concept Shape Of My Face Triple Contour Review

Description in Korean
a photo of A: Concept Shape Of My Face Triple Contour Review

Even if I don't understand Korean, I appreciate that there is a manufacturing date stamped at the back of the compact.

a photo of A: Concept Shape Of My Face Triple Contour Review

According to the brand, this is a perfect beginners' contour powder because of the "Secret of the Golden Ratio".  Multiplayer (left), Warm Glow (middle) and No! Blush (right).

The 3 colors combined is best suited for Asian's skin. And of course, what I like about this product is the fact that I can "multi-use" each shade depending on the needs of my face.

L-R Light, Medium and Dark Shade
a swatch photo of A: Concept Shape Of My Face Triple Contour

Reading product description on Althea website, it is highly recommend by the brand to use this ONE compact for face line, eye line eyebrow and even hair line!  I actually agree in the multi-purpose of this product but since I like to use this compact for everyday subtle/natural-looking makeup.  I prefer to use this on my nose and cheeks.  

"Nose Line"
The shade perfect to create subtle nose line is the medium shade (center).  I like to use a fluffy eye blending brush and gently apply starting from the inner corner of my eyes down to the sides of my nose as shown on photo below.

a photo on how to use A: Concept Shape Of My Face Triple Contour

"Cheek Contour"
To create slimmer looking face, I like to swirl a small face brush on all 3 shades and apply starting from the hairline down to the contours of my cheeks.

a photo on how to use A: Concept Shape Of My Face Triple Contour

Before and After

a photo of askmewhats wearing A: Concept Shape Of My Face Triple Contour

After using this for a couple of weeks now, I can say that this is a nice daytime contour product.  It works for users who have fair to medium skin tone.  I like how subtle the effect of this contour powder.  The only downside is that, it isn't as long-lasting, it lasts around 3-4 hours max and I had to bring this for retouch if I wanted to maintain that healthy glow and nicely contoured face!

Aside from that, the swirly shades of light, medium and dark makes it a bit difficult to grab just ONE shade especially if you are using a big brush! 

Overall, this is a great product to look into especially for those who aren't into heavy contouring.  The A: Concept Shape of My Face Triple Contour is on sale 50% off at Althea website.

How do you like the effect of A: Concept on me?
Have you shopped at Althea? How was the experience?

Keep smilin'
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  1. I love the effect hmmm but honestly I think you can live without this. Your features are naturally soft and I find contouring just ages you a bit. Yeah I shopped at Althea a few times and I am always satisfied.

    1. aww thanks for saying so, but I actually like the contoured effect in person! hahahaah :D Kulit no?

  2. I always shop their theme box because I find it easier and less overwhelming (I'm confuse with S.Korea's beauty market) lol!

    1. ahh yeah , I know what you mean! I need to shop again! hahaha

  3. Is this better than too cool for school's rodin shader? :)


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