Monday, May 15, 2017

NYX Intense Butter Lipgloss in Napoleon Review

Today is the start of an EXTREMELY crazy week!  My days has always be BUSY but this week is exceptionally crazy!  If you don't believe me, (shameless plug starting now....) follow me on @AskMeWhats on Instagram and watch my IG stories!  You'll understand why I drink at least 3 cups of coffee a day!

Aside from coffee, I rely heavily on lip products to help myself look presentable on a daily basis!  Aside from making sure my brows are looking good (which I tend to hide under my bangs nowadays), I can't seem to hide my lips so a good lip color will always make or break my look!  Either: "Pagod ka ata" or "Ang blooming mo naman"  I would definitely choose the latter so I'm definitely more adventurous in trying out various lip colors...even the bright this one from NYX called the NYX Intense Butter Lipgloss (Php790.00).

Intense talaga siya!

a photo of askmewhats wearing NYX Intense Butter Lipgloss in Napoleon Review

The shade I get to wear is the name of my brother!  Definitely not his personality to be THIS LOUD and colorful but I'm actually loving the name!  Just because it's the name of my brother.... :P  Not as an alcoholic beverage :P

a photo of Askmewhats wearing NYX Intense Butter Lipgloss in Napoleon Review

I personally do not own a lot of NYX Intense Butter Lipgloss.  But technically, if I read the term lipgloss, I would think of a lip product that is high shine, less pigmented and purely hydrating.  

It isn't the case for NYX, this one is just like that of a Liquid Lipstick BUT with higher shine.

a photo of NYX Intense Butter Lipgloss in Napoleon Review

Swatch: Napoleon
The shade Napoleon is a bright pink shade with warm (yellow) undertone.  It is quite opaque (you get a good color shown on swatch below in just a single swipe) and applies quite evenly on both lips and swatch.

a swatch photo of NYX Intense Butter Lipgloss in Napoleon

Truth be told, the shade Napoleon is a bit too bright for me, especially for my sallow skin!  It looks almost "neon" in person which is basically a no-no for me.  I personally think the shade is more perfect for users with medium to darker skin tone but may work for fair-skinned gals who have more of a cooler undertone.

What's nice about the shade Napoleon is how it can instantly brighten up my overall look even without much makeup on!  And with the nice lightweight texture, I like it that I feel like I'm wearing a gloss minus the sticky-feel.  It actually felt pleasant on my lips!

After using this a couple of times, here's what I have to say about NYX Intense Butter Lipgloss in Napoleon ---

  • The shade is not my cup of tea.
  • It is a high intensity lipgloss, it appears glossy but the gloss stays only for an hour or so.
  • The texture is creamy.  Glides on lips (even on dry lips) without issues.
  • Lightweight.
  • Non-sticky.
  • Shade is not suitable for all skin tones.
  • Lasts only for 3-4 hours.
I will definitely try out other NYX Intense Butter lipgloss shades because I honestly do not have any issues on the formulation, texture and feel of the gloss.  I just wish the shade would work for me more!  

a photo of NYX Intense Butter Lipgloss in Napoleon

Do you currently own a NYX Intense Butter Gloss?
Any other shade recommendations since I'm planning to repurchase?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Very nice youngish shade---something people can see from a mile away I guess. It is really intense!

  2. I purchase one by accident (I'm supposed to buy the matte lip cream)...anyway I always ended up with diagonal streaks on my cheeks whenever I forgot to secure my hair. Btw, I notice your eyes seem a bit smaller in the photo (I don't know..perhaps the eyeliner?)

  3. yes, the liner! Closed kasi on both up and down! :D galing mo


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