Saturday, June 3, 2017

AskMeMom: Tiny Buds Products For Your Baby

When this huge basket landed at my doorstep, it made me smile after a tedious 2 weeks!  If you follow me on #AMWIgStories you'll understand why I'm exhausted, a bit down and just don't have enough time on my hands anymore!  

But God is always good, I always get mini surprises like these (well, in this case, it is a HUGE basket of surprise).  This puts a huge SMILE on my face because it seems just like yesterday when Mr. AMW and I were shopping for newborn baby products!  Don't get me wrong, I don't have a baby anymore!  Kyle is a bouncing 4-year old boy ready for school!  But that doesn't mean we can't baby him with natural baby care products right?

Fellow mommies, you may want to look into this brand called Tiny Buds.  

"TINY BUDS is a line of Natural Baby Care Products hand-picked for baby's delicate skin. Everything at Tiny Buds is #MadewithLove"
Tiny Buds as a baby care brand isn't a stranger to me, I have used Tiny Buds products on Kyle for several occasions, my favorite will always be the Tiny Fangs Kiddie Toothpaste (Used both Stage 1 and Stage 2) and have purchased and repurchased so many times I scoured different Watsons branches just to stock up on this particular item.

Now looking at other products the brand offer made me giddy because I knew fellow mommies like myself have more "safe and gentle" options for our little angels.

Tiny Buds Natural Laundy Powder For Babies (Php275.00)
Tiny Buds Fabric Softener for Babies (Php165.00)
Tiny Buds Newborn Laundry Wash  (Php320.00)

Tiny Buds Baby Bottle and Utensil Wash

Tiny Buds Natural Baby Bath + Tiny Buds Natural Comfy Bath Sponge 
(Set priced at Php313.00)
Tiny Buds In A Rush Soothing Cream (Php169.00)
Tiny Buds After Bites Soothing Cream (Php159.00)

Tiny Buds Organic Baby Wipes (Php115.00)
Tiny Buds Natural Hand Sanitizer (Php65.00)
Tiny Buds Rice Baby Powder (Php109.00)
Tiny Buds Tiny Fangs Kiddie Toothpaste (Php100.00)

I appreciate the fact that all these products have "Badges of Honor" (Eco Cert, Natural Mild Formula, FDA Approved, Pedia Cares and a whole lot more).  That gives me the peace of mind that these products are really safe and gentle for our babies' (even kids') sensitive skin.  

I like that all the products are priced affordably so all mommies out there can give the best for their "Tiny Buds" not going beyond budget.  And let's face it, the packaging is just cute and amazing even my son enjoys reading the label and spot his favorite animal characters in each product!

My only complaint before was, it is difficult to find their products and I usually settle to online shopping.  But today, I am happy to share this wonderful news that Tiny Buds FINALLY has a Pop Up Store at POP Retail Lab Glorietta 3!  So you can definitely shop 'til you drop!

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Have you tried Tiny Buds products?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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