Sunday, June 18, 2017

Mida Food Turns 20 + Pacific Bay

It was one Rainy Thursday Night when I was off to Enderun Tent to attend the Feast of the Pacific hosted by Mida Food Distributors.  I usually do not stay out late but this is definitely an exception when we are talking about a celebration with the leader in the Philippine seafood industry.

Alongside with other Food-loving Bloggers who loves to cook like I do!  I went ahead and learned about the company and the retail brand Pacific Bay --- which I personally purchase on a monthly basis!

Pacific Bay offers full line of retail seafood specialty items from Tuna products, crabs (softshell crab, King Crab and Snow Crab) to lobster, shrimp, squid, octopus, bacalao, halibut, dory, cod, salmon, tuna, scallops, mollusks and a whole lot more!

No wonder included in the celebration are the country's top Chefs --- Chef Margarita Fores, Chef Jonas Ng, Chef Roland Laudico and Chef Miguel Vecin.

We, the guests, were lucky enough to try the wonderful dishes prepared by these chefs specially for the 20th Year Anniversary.

Chef Margarita Fores
Ingredients: Barramudi, Orange-fennel Confit, Black Olive Soil and Carabao Butter

Chef Jonas Ng
Prawn Pomelo And Crab Salad 
Ingredients: Prawn Crab, Pomelo, Peanut, Toasted Rice, 
Coconut Milk Cilantro Salad

Chef Roland Laudico
Hamachi Kinilaw
Ingredients: Hamachi, Coca-cola Espuma, Candied Ginger, Spicy Capsicum Puree

Chef Miguel Vecin
Pulpo A La Gallega
Ingredients: Pulpo with Potato Foam, 
Jamon Serrano Crumbs, Pimenton Powder

This gathering proved how fresh these ingredients are even professional Chef who owns successful restaurants work closely with the company.  I also like the fact that Mida Food Distributors penetrated the retail market through the brand Pacific Bay making these fresh seafood products readily available for homemakers like myself!

I can't wait to share my recipes on AMW Cooks using Pacific Bay products!
Have you tried Pacific Bay brand? Which particular seafood product is your favorite?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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