Sunday, June 4, 2017

Soi Restaurant Review

I've dined at Soi Restaurant the first time for an event.  The experience was great so when I finally spent family time at the mall with the family, I've decided to give this restaurant another try since I was craving for some Thai food.

As much as I always crave for Korean, Japanese and Chinese food, I am glad there's always a Thai restaurant available once a "craving" calls for it.  I was craving for good Pad Thai and went ahead and tried other dishes.

Fresh Spring Roll
A refreshing appetizer.  
It won the heart of my dad-in-law and considering he is very picky with the food he eats!  This is definitely a must-order dish.

Chicken Satay
I have tried several "satay" in other Thai restaurants and this isn't my favorite because of the strong spice.  Others may like it but definitely not our family!

Chicken Pandan

If you are in a Thai Restaurant, you definitely have to give Chicken Pandan a try!  Though I find this not as tender, soft and juicy as I imagined, this is okay if you are craving for such dish.

Pad Kee Mao
A spicy ground pork with vegetables.  Nothing super unique about this dish except that, you get a spoonful of spicy dish in one bite!  Something unique and refreshing to taste.

Crabmeat Fried Rice
Definitely for the crabmeat lovers!  You get a good amount of crab meat in every bite!  Definitely a must-try rice dish and you can actually eat this alone!

Bagoong Rice
Definitely for the "bagoong-lover" in us!  I like how the bagoong is in perfect "ratio" with the rice.  You get the right amount of Shrimp Paste taste.

One of the best tasting noodle soup in Thai Restaurant that we tried.  It's just TOO spicy for our liking but it is one of the most flavorful soup I've tried to date!  Definitely a must and maybe, you can ask the server to adjust the spiciness level because I will definitely enjoy this more if less spicy.

Pad Thai Shrimp

You can choose between Chicken or Vegetarian too!  Another winner noodle dish!

Yummy once mixed all together!  Add a bit of lemon zest and you're game to make your tummy happy!

Overall, I am still leaning towards Pho Bac as my number 1 Thai restaurant to date.  Next would probably Soi!  Will order more dishes when I get back.  Do you have other recommendations?

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