Thursday, August 31, 2017

ABBC 2017 Philippines and Thailand Competition

God is really good to me when he gave me the opportunity to host the Asian Beauty Blogger Contest 2017 Philippines.  It happened so quickly I almost didn't get the chance to recover from all the excitement.

If you haven't watched the videos, the 3-part Competition has been uploaded on Cathy Doll Philippines' Youtube page.

Episode 1: Getting to know the Top 5 Contestants

Episode 2: Challenge No. 1 Product Reviewing Skills

Episode 3: Challenge No. 2 + Finale

Fast forward to a month after the ABBC 2017 Competition in the Philippines, the Grand Winner, Ms. Raiza Contawi was scheduled to fly to Bangkok, Thailand to compete with other winners from our neighboring countries.

Cathy Doll Philippines (Lifestrong Incorporated), was very kind enough to invite me to travel with them and witness how the competition unfolds for the Regional round.  Let me tell you one thing for now --- it was an experience of the lifetime to see how our local talent shines on international stage!

Luggage: Delsey, Bag: Anello

ABBC 2017 Philippines Grand Winner Raiza Contawi

The event was held at Sing Sing Theater last August 21, 2017.  The competition itself started 3:00pm but the candidates had their bonding and pampering session the day before.  I was so happy I was able to catch up with Rai before the competition starts!  This girl is amazing!  So humble, easy-going, friendly and just full of sunshine!

The first challenge was quite intriguing.  Each contestant has to remove ALL their makeup using any of the Cathy Doll makeup remover products laid in front of them.  Each of them has to remove their make up in 3 minutes and then will each be given the chance to explain (for 1 minute) why they picked such product.

Fun face: Raiza honestly shared to the judges how she mistakenly picked up a toner instead of a makeup remover and the product actually worked in removing her makeup!

As for the next challenge, the contestants were asked to do a full face makeup (oriental look inspired) and it has to go with the costume the contestants brought with them.  Raiza done her makeup in less than 30 minutes and I was so amazed how she was able to clean up her table afterwards (a true artist!)  
The judges were in awe on how Raiza used a liquid liner to draw her brows, according to Raiza, she wanted to create strong, short brows as what Oriental Makeup usually appears to have.  She also combined pink and orange shadows applied on eyelid and higher points of her cheeks.  The result was amazing and she wowed the judges with her wit and charm!

Just like ANTM competition, they were asked to change to their Oriental-inspired costume in a flash and Raiza candidly shared to me how everyone changed clothes (got naked) in front of all the fellow contestants due to time constraint!  It was a very friendly competition though..none of those dramas involved!

And lastly, each candidate were given another 3 minutes to explain the makeup done and costume and how they came up with such look!

Raiza's look was a modern Geisha with a twist!  She paired her bright yellow kimono with a black number and a bright yellow sunglasses!  Even the host thought how humorous and funny Raiza was and it wasn't a surprise for everyone when Raiza bagged the TOP SPOT!

Karmart Asian Beauty Blogger Contest 2017 Winners
Grand Prize: Ms. Raiza Elena Contawi - Philippines
1st Runner Up: Ms. Thao Van Nguyen - Vietnam
2nd Runner Up: Ms. Peng An-Hsing - Taiwan

With Mr. WongWiWat Wong of Karmart Thailand

It was definitely a success of our country that night!  Congratulations Raiza, congratulations to Lifestrong Marketing Incorporated President and General Manager Mr. Lance Lee and Ms. Marge Lee!  Thanks Angela for being such a great date and roomie for my whole Bangkok trip!  

And that night, we had a Japanese Dinner celebration with fellow contestants and staffs and I met the owner of the restaurant, Boy Pakorn!  One of the most humble and hardworking celebrities I know!  I turned into a complete fan after that night!

Thank you so much Cathy Doll Philippines and Karmart Thailand for the invite and warm welcome.  I am so happy to be able to witness such wonderful competition which puts our country on top spot!

Raiza, you go girl!  I am so proud of you!

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