Friday, September 1, 2017

My Keeping It Together Travel Essentials

Since Kyle came to the world, Mr. AMW and I didn't travel as much as we did in the past but now that he's 4, I am a little but pulling myself away from our usual "clingy-ness".  So this year, I said YES to 2 business trips (both in Thailand) and it worked pretty well.  I missed him a lot (so does he) but we survived the #sepanx !  

Since most of my trips are short yet very busy!  I make sure to make most of my organization skills!  I make sure I practice my "OC" skills not only in makeup artistry but also when it comes to packing my things.  

I kind of mastered that when I had to lug ONE YEAR'S Worth of AMW items for 1 full year when I worked abroad inside a 30kg luggage!  So a short 4 days trip is just a walk at a park -- with the help of my favorite brand for organization --- K.I.T. Keeping It Together!

Aside from my favorite containers from the said brand, I was recently gifted an Airline Carry On Clear Travel Bag (Sets of 4) (Php395.00), a monogrammed KIT Jiro Bag Organizer (Php445.00-495.00) and KIT Jiro Shoe Bag (Php495.00-550.00).  

These are heaven-sent!  Thanks Mich!

For the bag organizer, this is perfect for my Anello Bag because it goes way to the bottom.  Since this backpack is structured, I can easily reach out for my wallet, ballpen, comb, lipbalm, alcohol or any random stuff I need that I can carry inside the plane!  I also like the zippered portion where I can keep important stuff like my license and credit card.

As for the Airline Carry On Clear Travel Pouches, I highly appreciate these like the invention of internet!  As much as I love cute designed pouches, when it comes to travel, I like them clear so I can easily see what I need!

4 travel pouches ---

  • Smallet pouch is where I put my medications.  These are very important especially since I have ulcer attacks and allergies so having them close to me makes me feel 100% secure.   (I haven't left the Philippines and I already popped in Kremil-S!)
  • The next pouch goes for my jewelries.  I like to keep them close to me instead of checking them in!  
  • Third Pouch goes for Passport, ballpen, airline ticket and printout of important documents.
  • Biggest pouch goes for powerbanks and adapter.  

BEST INVESTMENT EVER for travelers out there to purchase these clear pouches!

As for the KIT Jiro Shoe Bag, I can actually fit in 3 pairs of shoes!  A pair of high-heeled shoes, a pair of foldable flats and slippers.

Of course, I still have all my KIT Packaging Cubes which I happily separate intimates and other items so I can easily see them when I unpack!  Overall, KIT is definitely my to-go-to place when my OC-ness strikes (not only for travel)!

Feel free to check out their site to know what else the brand offers!

What's your favorite travel item?
Any other travel organization tips?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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