Sunday, August 6, 2017

How You Can Enjoy Your BonChon Experience?

So I had a K-tastic day last August 1st with fellow "Foodie Bloggers" Abet, Berylle and Farrah!  We all my have different niche in Blogging but we all have the same interest --- FOOD!

It was a K-tastic day with BonChon at Ayala The 30th!  It was a first for me to visit the mall and it was even better that I get to dine at a restaurant that made me love Chicken Wings!  

Yes, I'm a "chicken breast" girl and BonChon changed the way I look at "wings".  I remembered several years ago, when BonChon first opened its' door, I lined up for a box of Chicken Wings and I almost didn't talk to my husband on our way home as I was munching 1 chicken wing at a time leaving nothing but bones behind.

And when this pile of BonChon K-Style Chicken was served right in front of me, it made me smile and brought me back to many good memories!

Several years after, their recipe didn't change!  I still get the well-loved crunchy chicken on the outside, tender juicy chicken meat on the inside!  

Then we were served with BonChon's Gangnam Bao while we enjoy the song Gangnam Style at the background.  With a choice of steamed for fried, you get the same tender juicy chicken meat handcrafted with BonChon's best-selling soy-garlic glaze, this is the type of chicken burger I'd go for anytime of the day!

Steamed BonChon Gangnam Bao

Fried BonChon Gangnam Bao
MY Pick!

For someone who loves soup as comfort food, Jjampong Spicy Noodle Soup is the way to go.  If you are not a fan of spicy dish, definitely steer clear from this and maybe go for Bulgogi Noodle Soup.  As for me who loves spicy dishes once in awhile, the combination of Korean Hot Pepper Flakes, and Bonchon's special spicy seafood broth gave me the spicy kick I want midday!

Then for my other comfort food especially after a long day of gigs, my husband and I loved to order Bibimbowl!  During the launch, I learned that Bibimbap is considered to be a royal court dish back in Joseaon Dynasty!  I have to say, this is definitely a bowl of greatness, you get assortment of well-seasoned ingredients in one bowl!

I'm a fan of their Beef Bibimbowl in Original sauce.  You can also choose between Fiery Spice and Creamy Curry!

Then there's Korean Beef Stew, this dish was highly recommended by my seatmate Abet from The Food Alphabet and true to what he said, this is a bowl of tender beef chunks.  

The beef chunks may be cut thickly but it is extremely tender and easy to chew!  I am definitely going back for this!

Then of course, a perfect way to end a full meal?  Korean Iced Dessert BINGSU!  
Thanks to BonChon because I don't need to go to a separate "Bingsu place" for this!  Available in Matcha Vanilla, Strawberry Cheesecake, Chocolate Brownie and Mango Cheesecake.  All 4 of us have our own picks and that proves all the flavors are worth to try!

I have always been a fan of BonChon restaurant not because the whole family loves it, it's just that this restaurant keeps on reinventing itself with more dishes so I don't mind getting back again and again because there will always be something new to try!  And of course, they always kept their regular dishes which I love with the same taste as the first time I took my first BonChon K-tastic Bite.

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What's your favorite BonChon dish?

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