Sunday, September 3, 2017

Weekend Food Trip at: Ramen Shokudo

Ramen has always been my to-go-to dish whenever I'm tired, cranky or just plain hungry!  It's my super comfort food.  To prove that, I even bought packs of Japanese Ramen during my Bangkok Trip (and I'm fully aware I'm not in Japan!  lol)

Since the Booky app has been my ultimate bestfriend when it comes to searching for new restaurants to explore (by area), I've seen Ramen Shokudo popped and it's just within the area where I always bond with my family --- Banawe.  I've tried this restaurant 3x total as of the moment because the first experience was great I had to return.  Unfortunately, the last one wasn't as great as the first one (personal opinion, different Chef?) but it was still a good place to try but please do not go there hungry!  There are people lining up for their seats because the place is small!

Toriton Miso
A Japanese soy base.
I love how flavorful the soup is and rich (miso).  The strips of Chashu is one of the best I've tried because I am usually not a "pork lover" when it comes to Ramen.  With this particular bowl of goodness, I devoured everything --- from noodles to meat, egg and bamboo shoots.

Just like regular Gyozas you have in other Japanese restaurants.  Nothing special but not bad for an appetizer.

Gyu Don
My favorite dish!  Mix everything together and prepare for flavorful heart-warming rice dish.  The beef strips are extremely tender even my dad can easily enjoy this.

Cha-Shu Don
If you must try only 1 rice bowl, go for Cha-Shu Don.  One of the most tender, melts-in-your-mouth pork dish that I've tried.  it was cooked so flavorful even my son can't keep his hands off the bowl.

Katsu Don
Nothing special about this dish but they definitely got the Katsudon flavors I want! 

As I stated over my first statement, the last time I visited wasn't as great because the serving got smaller and the Chashu isn't as flavorful as the first time I had it. Nevertheless, it was a great experience and my family and I are definitely going back for more ramen-fix.

P.S. Service was great though!  Though there were lines, we get to our seats pretty quickly because they are organized!  I love how you get to see the food prepared right in front of you.  It has a feel of eating Japanese dishes in Japan.

Have you tried Ramen Shokudo?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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