Thursday, October 5, 2017

Avon Fashions Releases Nude Bra Line and I'm Loving Them

I am one of those busy moms you'll always see a bra strap peeking, as much as I have lots of strapless bra, I prefer those with straps if I'm with my son --- as you all know, running around, chasing after him + strapless bra? = Uhhhh don't even think about that!

Can you spot my peeking bra strap in one of my AMW Photo?

So I'm always on a lookout for a nice nude-colored bra.  Avon Fashion recently releases nude bra line that doesn't only come in ONE shade, it actually has various of nude shades which reminds me so much of a foundation! 

With Avon Fashions’ new collection featuring a wide variety of nudes, any woman can feel and look confident everyday with bras that come close to their skin tone. With that kind of confidence, any outfit can be worn with the utmost ease. Make everyday a “nude bra” kind of day!

So Avon understood that Nude Bras are part of any woman's closet essentials, and a colored bra underneath a see-through clothing is definitely a fashion no-no.

And because Avon understood that women come in many shapes, sizes and COLORS --- this was the inspiration for Avon Fashions to release a line that celebrates the different shades of nude.

There's Light Skintone, Pink Champagne, Rose Gold, Dark Skintone, Nude, Mocha, Coffee, and Dark Brown.

And aside from that, they also have similarly nude shades of underwear which I love!  And they are on their lowest prices this year so please head on to and check these out!

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  1. call me boring but I never owned any colored undies aside from usual white, black and nude.

  2. Is this supposed to be a breakthrough? because as far as I recall nude bras were never omitted in their collection ever and personally I much prefer a colored bra peeking through (for contrast) than a nude bra peeking through.

    1. it is a breakthrough that it is various shades of NUDES not just 1-2 shades. And as for colors, preference I would say is the keyword. I used to LOVE colored bras peeking through but I guess coming with like the more subtle ones na :D

  3. Nice collection of nude bras! I really like the Nude-colored bras because it goes with every dress and tops. I have recently bought two pairs of luxury nude bras from Cosabella, thanks to them for the good stuff and everyone should try it.


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