Thursday, October 5, 2017

RIOT Polyblender Sponge Review

So many "Beauty Blender-like" sponges in the market.  How to know which ones are good?
Well, you can't tell unless you touch them, use them and just try them.  

Thankfully, I own the original Beauty Blender sponge(s) so I always have a basis when I do my reviews.  Though I could be a late with the "blending sponge" testing game, I always welcome new brands to try!  One of the recent ones I've tried is from RIOT (the same makers as Riot Brushes)

The RIOT Polyblender Latex-Free Ultra HD Sponge

a photo of RIOT Polyblender Sponge Review Askmewhats

As oppose to the regular Beauty Blender sponges you see, these has a flat edge (quite big!) and a sharp tip.  
a photo of RIOT Polyblender Sponge Review

The flat corner is technically the portion you will use to apply on bigger surface like your cheeks, forehead and neck.

a photo of RIOT Polyblender Sponge Review

The sharp tip is basically where you use to reach small corners of your face such as the sides of your nose, undereye area and a whole lot more.  I also like to use this tip to "erase" makeup mishaps.

a photo of RIOT Polyblender Sponge Review

Just like most sponges, you can use this dry or damp.  A very easy tip for everyone new to this sponge game, use the sponge dry if you want fuller coverage, use it wet if you like lighter and more natural coverage.

The sponge grows at least 3-5 cm bigger if damp, used wet or dry, the sponge is extremely soft and does not tug your skin.  

On photo: Used Dry with a liquid foundation

a photo of RIOT Polyblender Sponge Review

Using the flat portion of the sponge to gently dab and transfer product directly to the areas that needed most coverage.

As you can see, since the sponge is dry, I get full coverage.

a photo of RIOT Polyblender Sponge Review

Using the sharp tip, gently dab more product on smaller areas.  This is the best way to apply your concealer.

Another tip:  Damp your sponge after "spot concealing" and use the rest of the foundation left on sponge to apply on areas that needed the least coverage.  

a photo of RIOT Polyblender Sponge Review

I find this sponge to be inexpensive yet very effective.  Most of the inexpensive sponges are made of latex thus the sponge itself tends to drag the skin on every use, at the same time, felt rough on skin.  You don't experience that with the Riot Polyblender.  Using this is easy at the same time, the effect of the makeup will always come out flawless (as long as you blend properly). 

As for any sponges, washing them is my least favorite and I appreciate it that the sponge is "black" so I don't get stressed with the look of stains.  But thankfully, RIOT came out with the RIOT Control which is a cleaner for your Polyblender.  


Fill in bowl with water and pour in 5 drops of Riot Control and stir.  Soak your Polyblender sponge for at least 30 minutes, squeeze out the sponge with running water until water goes clear.

The RIOT Control and RIOT Polyblender both are priced affordably at Php400.00.  Available online and can be ordered HERE.

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  1. Ever since I've tried nippon blender I stop looking for better sponge but, I guess I should never lose my door.


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