Friday, October 6, 2017

My Thoughts On IMAGIC PROfessional Contour Cream KIT

There are so many makeup tricks I learned in Make Up School years ago, but one learning that I will never forget is how to contour and highlight the face using cream-based product(s).  Just the mere fact of applying additional "cream" product in a humid weather is quite scary, and let's not forget most Filipinas have oily/combination skin.  

But what's the advantage of using cream based contour product?  

Well, aside from longevity, when applied properly, the effect is more natural (because non-powdery) at the same time, it is easier to create a natural-looking transition of your contour and highlight product.  

That's why as difficult it may sound to use such product, I do use cream type contour and highlight on clients and myself (especially if I am hosting or attending an important event).

Whew, such long introduction, but basically, I got the IMAGIC Contour Cream KIT months back and I'm finally ready to share my thoughts on this after testing this out on both myself and clients.

a photo of IMAGIC PROfessional Contour Cream KIT

IMAGIC Contour Cream Kit
Php750.00 (now Php645.00 at

a photo of IMAGIC PROfessional Contour Cream KIT

The Palette I got is Light which I think is perfect for my complexion.  It comes with 6 shades and I like the variation of shades that would match for both cool and warm undertone.

a photo of IMAGIC PROfessional Contour Cream KIT

Top portion: Perfect for Highlight
Bottom portion: Contour

a photo of IMAGIC PROfessional Contour Cream KIT

1-3 are perfect highlighting shades, you just have to pick based from your undertone and complexion.
4-5 can be concealer/foundation.
5-6 can be a contour product

a swatch photo of IMAGIC PROfessional Contour Cream KIT

I like to pick the darkest shade with a foundation brush and apply on areas that needed sculpting.  Do not be scared to create obvious strokes as you can always blend later on.

a photo of IMAGIC PROfessional Contour Cream KIT

Using a smaller brush, I apply also the same color on the sides of my nose to contour the area.
a photo of IMAGIC PROfessional Contour Cream KIT

Because I like to create natural shadow on my jawline, I picked shade 5 (second to the darkest shade) and gently blend on the area for a more natural shadowing effect.  If you have darker complexion, feel free to mix shades 5 and 6.

a photo of IMAGIC PROfessional Contour Cream KIT

Using the highlight shade 2, I highlight key areas like bridge of nose, chin and upper lip.  The first shade can be used if you prefer obvious highlighting.  I prefer to go to the more subtle route.

a photo of IMAGIC PROfessional Contour Cream KIT

Using the shade that's close to my skintone yet a shade lighter, I went ahead and highlight the center of my face (sides of the nose).  This area tends to be sallow and dark, this is my key to a "fresh-looking" skin.

a photo of IMAGIC PROfessional Contour Cream KIT

Basically, that's how I would use the Cream Contour Kit from IMAGIC.  I don't stick to rules but mix and match shades depending on my mood and makeup looks.

Here's a summary of my thoughts on the IMAGIC PROfessional Contour Cream KIT ---

  • Nice simple packaging.
  • Good amount of product.
  • The cream product are all consistently pigmented and smooth.
  • All are matte shades making it natural-looking.
  • Long-wearing if set properly.
  • No chemcial scent.
Overall, I am impressed with this palette and I get to use this palette in various ways!  Some of the colors I tend to use as corrector or concealer.

How do you find cream contouring/Highlighting?

Are you comfortable using such product?

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Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. I find cream contour product easier to use because I can still move it if I make a mistake as long as I haven't set it yet though I find cream contouring a bit time consuming because I need extra time to blend.

  2. Will you be doing a review and swatch of the Rihanna fenty beauty profiltr foundation?

    1. Once I get the time to sit down, research on my right shade and see other reviews first! I'm OC on that :D

  3. Please do a post on the Rihanna foundation i'm interested in what shade you are because I think I would be the same color


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