Friday, October 6, 2017

AskMeMom: Tips on How I Encourage Kyle's Creativity to Develop Intellectual Skills

I am telling you right now that I'm not a perfect mom and I will not strive to be one.  One thing for sure, I am a type of mom who knows her kid like a back of her hand even if I have multiple jobs.  Yes, getting to know your kids doesn't need 24 hours to happen, you only need to spend time (not just time, but QUALITY time), get to know them well on what tickles them, what makes them sad or happy!

Whenever I post on IG stories activities I do with my son Kyle Nash, a lot of the followers would comment on how lucky I am that Kyle is smart and creative.  One thing that I want to clarify is that, creativity is not inborn.  As much as there are "inborn talents", creativity can be nurtured and it is actually a skill that we can help our child develop - that's according to a child therapist.

I for one, is not an intelligent person, but because my mom gave me all the chances to be creative during my younger years (blackboard, chalk and loads of paper!), I can say I'm more of a flexible person who can deal with challenges on various situations and I actually use how my mom raises us to be a "Peg" on what type of mom I will be.

With our fast-paced life with the help of technology, how do I encourage Kyle to be creative in his own way?  Here are just FEW of the things I do that seem to work!

1. Read him a book, ask him to explain certain pictures (NOT written on the book)
I started reading to Kyle as early as ahm, less than a year old.  Even though it seems like I"m just talking with walls! Reading and explaining photos to him sparked his interest (eyes lit up, he smiles and laughs in between) and with that, I think he has more interest to tell MORE stories just by looking at photos.

I let him roam inside book stores and let him pick his own books, as opposed buying him specific books apt for his age, I let him pick the books he like, even if it's for 5-10 years old! 

Trivia: He once picked a Children's encylopedia (1 inch thick) and he's still reading and browsing this book until present.

Not all books appeal to him, he tends to choose his own book and I would freely let him flip through  pages (with supervision, advice him to take care of each page!), he also reads on his own and I will only read to him if he asks for my help!  I let him explore each pages and try to be independent with his reading activities.

Trivia: Kyle can read books at age 3

At age 4, Kyle can read ANY books and understands most of them.  He also likes to be creative by telling a different story based from pictures he sees.  This is a creative outlet for him, at the same time, a great bonding moment between Kyle and mommy!

2. Let him Doodle.
Kyle started his love for doodling when I bought him a "magnetic board" with a pen.  I would carry him around malls (baby carrier) with a doodle board right in front of me.  People would stare at this weird mom but I don't mind because I realized Kyle enjoys looking at views and doodle whatever he sees!

From doodling, he learns to write his Alphabet (all caps and small letters) as early as 1.5 years old.  I learned that letting him doodle early made him comfortable in holding pens or pencils.  

At first, I let him start by following dotted lines, then...

He can write on his own!

There are times it gets frustrating when I buy him activity books and he would randomly doodle on the side after completing a page.  To give him the idea of "task" and play, I would reward him with "rest time" in between writing activities and let him doodle just for him to have an outlet for his creative mind!

Trivia: Kyle got so board drawing just the Planets of the Solar Systems, he is now adding Asteroids, Hailey's Comet and even major moons of some planets.

3. Let him play regular items and his imagination will Fly!
From tissue paper to spoon and fork, even restaurant menus!  I find ways to make him appreciate everyday things and get to learn something from them.  Kyle enjoys regular things than toys!

His favorite item in the restaurant?  Menu!  As he gets to talk about fruits, vegetables and even coffee and ice cream!

4. Let him explore and be a kid.  Don't hinder his freedom and be bossy with what needs to be done.
As much as I am one crazy and overprotective mom, I've learned to let go once he started walking!  I just make sure I'm always beside him or at the back to supervise him and ensure his safety.

Given the chance for him to explore on his own, I find that he can make decision on what to do and what he likes!  I also get to learn his personality at an early age.

Kyle enjoying his own reflection.

Let him touch his own food and appreciate the texture and feel.

Ahhh Fries..nice to hold, but better to eat!  Yummy!

Those lick anything moments!  Ahh, glad it's over!

5. Always engage him, be part of his playtime.
I know it is very tempting just to give him an electronic device, turn on TV, play music or just give him toys when tired especially after a long day of work!  It was a rule that I made for myself to always engage him while he's playing!  I ask him questions, talk to him and make stories for him.  I may not get an immediate answer or reaction from him but that is one bonding moment he always look out for after dinner, before going to sleep.

Even in malls or toy stores, he expects me to play with him whenever he found his favorite toy.

Even those times I let him use electronic device, I make sure to explain to him the games he is playing and sometimes, play with him so he learns to share too!

6. Make any place you go an "area of creativity".  There's just so many things to be done wherever he is.

I do a lot of research and look for kid-friendly areas or restaurants so he get to explore while we eat.

But of course, not all restaurants have toys or materials for kids, I always ask for paper sheet and bring along with me pens and books!

Also best place for learning?  Supermarket!

7. Provide resources, if resources aren't enough, parents should be creative themselves.

I went online for Free printable activities and let him do activities at least an hour a day.  He loves the painting activities.

Then we went up to creating items by following an activity book.  The thing is, most of the "props" or items needed aren't readily available at home, so I had to use extra folders from press kits, some cardboard boxes and other items I can find in the kitchen or at my office.

#KyleNash wrote the numbers without my help!  He was the one who pasted everything too!
If you follow the book, a big brown bag is needed to do this activity, I don't have it so I used a brown folder instead and drew a fake lunch bag and drew apples and sandwich as Kyle did all the designing and coloring!

Filling a bottle with sand activity.  Looked for an empty mineral water bottle and fill it up with crumpled paper as I don't have sand available at home.  Since  "funnel" is also needed, I just used a leftover folder and rolled it up like a funny which works nevertheless.  Kyle loved the outcome so much he carried this bottle for days since I made it even more fun by giving him stickers as he freely stick them and designed his own bottle!

This way, Kyle understands that he can always recycle.  If time comes the things he needs or wants isn't availble, he can always explore and look for other ways to fulfill his needs.  The said activity also stirs up his imagination and sometimes, he amazes me on how he can solve a certain situation!  (Definitely smarter than mommy!)

8. Keep them healthy by letting them do physical activities + healthy diet and supplement to aid in developing their intellectual skills. 

He swims every now and then.
Runs around Blue Bay as we play Bubbles!  (workout for parents too!)

He eats variation of food!  I train him not to be picky and eat whatever's available.  He enjoys his bowl of oatmeal with banana every morning.  He enjoys rice, meat and vegetables for lunch and dinner (he eats Ampalaya!).  And after every meal, I added Scott's DHA Gummies in his diet to help support his brain function and development.  3 gummies a day definitely is not enough for him but I"m glad he understood his "Gummy Time!" and would sit nicely and wait for me to give him a "Scott's DHA Gummy"!

I am so happy I took all the efforts to help nurture his creativity and true enough, I can see that Kyle definitely has developed intellectual skills!  Look how he's into advanced learning now!

Flags and Countries of the World
Trivia: Kyle can tell some names of the country just by looking at flags

Even Modern Periodic Table of Elements!  I was shocked how he was just randomly doodling some Elements with their Atomic Number! (Mommy has to Google Fl Flourine with Atomic Number 9!)

drawings done by Kyle Nash at age 4

But of course, I'm not saying that all kids will have the same outcome with all the tips I shared here.  At the end of the day, just let your kids explore and enjoy while they do the things they love at the same time learn from it!   I just want to share to you, my fellow mommies, that you can definitely encourage creativity in kids and how creativity can lead to brain development too!

Fellow mommies, what are your ways and tips in fostering creativity for your kids?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. You are indeed a supermom. All the advice I will note because I know I could still be better in terms of honing my baby's creativity. I haven't encouraged yet a specific area of learning aside from the basics but I find my child is fascinated my things I myself find interesting: perfumes, coffee, music, and pranks. She is a natural prankster!

    1. naku me too, I still heed for advices especially from moms who have more kids pa!! thanks for this lovely message :D


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