Saturday, October 7, 2017

How to Feel Fresher Than Ever? New Closeup Fresh Attraction

You all know that I am into taking care of my teeth especially since I post a lot of my photos online for product reviews and swatches.

Aside from going to teeth whitening salons, I tend to get cautious in picking my toothpaste now, I always aim for "whitening" to maintain the whiteness of my teeth.

It was perfect timing when Closeup launched their Fresh Attraction line.

Both are powered with a rush of shocking menthol (my favorite flavor in toothpaste), the NEW Closeup Fresh Attraction toothpaste is said to help boost my confidence with a NEW freshness experience like never before.  

The event was hosted by Closeup Fresh Attraction girl Sarah Lahbati, who came up looking fabulous as ever! (And she's pregnant!)

And to further explain how the Closeup Fresh Attraction can bring anyone closer than ever, real-life couple Kryz Uy and Slater Young were also there to host the event.  They look so cute together.

The new flavors of Closeup Fresh Attraction are Oxyrush and Arctic Shock.  Aside from both having strong menthol flavor, what sets them apart is the strong menthol flavor of Oxyrush while Arctic Shock has more sweet and fruity notes to it.

And to prove how both toothpaste can give you instant freshness, Chef Jose Luis Gonzales (Vask) prepared a special menu that will test the power of the 2 variants.  All the dishes were yummy and scary to eat!  I almost do not want to talk to my friends after taking each bite of the yummy food!

Hojalde De Txistorra

Jamon Pintxos

Tomato and Ricotta

Angus Sliders

Deconstructed Carrot Cake

Here's what Sarah has to say about Closeup Fresh Attraction:

“I find myself turning to the NEW Closeup Fresh Attraction even more these days. For hectic shoot
schedules and of course, bonding time with my family, I have to make sure that I’m armed with
fresh breath all day,” says Sarah. “The Oxyrush flavor, which is my favorite, helps me achieve this,”
she adds. Sarah’s passionate persona and thirst for adventure and thrill is the perfect lifestyle
complemented by the Fresh Attraction range.

Kryz Uy, together with her partner, Slater Young, also shared with the audience how the NEW Closeup Fresh Attraction range helped them up the ante in their relationship. Given the toothpaste’s one-of- a-kind formulation, Kryz and Slater is now armed with long lasting freshness that allows them to get closer than ever. “I love how this keeps me confident, especially when Slater and I travel. Having fresh breath is always a top priority for me,” explains Kryz.

I personally tried both since I got to bring home these two.  Hands down, my favorite is Oxyrush due to the strong menthol flavor, but what I like is that the freshness stays longer.  I actually enjoy rolling my tongue over my teeth because of the nice taste and menthol feel.

Have you seen Fresh Attraction anywhere?
Which particular variant are you willing to try?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


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