Sunday, October 8, 2017

These are a Few of My Favorite...

People -- my brother is back for a vacation!  All 4 of us (brothers and sisters) are close and I would say, I don't play favorites, but since I don't get to spend much time with him as he works abroad, I like to bond with him as much as I can (amidst very busy shedule).  Since I was off to Ortigas for a short meeting, I've decided to take him to one of my favorite restaurant inside Shangri-la Mall --- Spatzle Euro Market Cafe. (Favorite that's why I was there twice this month now!)

This year, I probably dined in this restaurant the most if we talk about restaurants inside the said mall.  We even had our event here during the Cathy Doll Philippines Nude Me Launch!

So back to Spatzle, my brother loves anything Carbonara so I've decided to go for..

Spatz Carbonara
Solo Php295.00
To Share Php495.00
Classic egg and cream based with crunchy bacon bits and pancetta topped with parmesan cheese.  The one we ordered is in SOLO but we got extremely full!  It's filling and definitely perfect for sharing!

Coffee Crusted Bistecca

As much as you get scared by the way this meat looks, no, it's not burnt!  It's actually coffee crusted bits but you don't taste any of the bitterness!  The beef was requested medium rare and we love how tender each slices are.

The brandy reduction cream sauce is perfect blend with the tenderloin and mashed potatoes is our choice!  You an go for rice but I find everything so filling!

And since we're talking about Few of My Favorite stuff, can I just add a Cafe Latte while I'm at it?  I usually order at Spatzle and they serve great coffee, I just had to dash off for a quick meeting at DOME Cafe and it is another restaurant at the ground floor level of the mall that is a perfect place for meet-ups, gathering and just enjoy a good cup of coffee.

And of course, I have to add in my favorite thing --- my PHONE!  I remembered owning my first Apple phone which is my iPhone 3gs then upgraded to 4, 5c, 6 and now 7!  If you ask me right now my ultimate favorite?  Well, 7 of course takes wonderful photos but if you are on a budget, iPhone 6 is good enough!  I've used and abused my iPhone 6 for 2 years and I'm glad my mobile service provided Smart offers something exciting!

The iPhone 6 is now available for only Php999.00/month under Smart Postpaid!

 The device can be availed under Plan 399 with P600 device cash-out per month for 30 months.
 There is a one-time cash-out of P1,000 when you avail of the plan.
The iPhone 6 can be availed through the Smart Stores or through the Smart Online Store:
-           Plan 399 includes the following:
·         3GB Monthly Data
·         500MB for FB Messenger, Viber, and WhatsApp
·         Unlimited All-Net Texts
·         20 mins All-Net Calls
·         Discounted calls to Smart/TNT (P4/min)

This iPhone 6 offer is good for those who wants an iPhone at an affordable price.  For more information, visit the online Store:

What's your favorite/s this week?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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