Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Jordana FabuBrow Eyebrow Pencil Review

How many brow pencils have I reviewed?  A LOT!
And I will keep on reviewing them because I believe that's YOUR most requested product to review!  
I've read all your queries, I've seen all your DMs especially when I talk about brows on #AMWIgStories  I understand the strong need for a good pair of brows because... I recently saw a video of myself 10 years ago and I look different with a thin line of brows!  (Yes girls, once in my life, I had this super thin, worm-like brows plastered on top of my eyes!)

One brand that I tried is from Jordana USA called FabuBrow Eyebrow Pencil.  I got the shade 02 Medium Brown which I think is a universally flattering shade for most Filipinas.

a photo of Jordana FabuBrow Eyebrow Pencil

On US website, they have 6 shades to choose from --- 01 Taupe, 02 Medium Brown, 03 Dark Brown, 04 Light Taupe 05 Soft Brown and 06 Midnight Brown.  But in the Philippines, I believe they only carry 3 shades (Taupe, Medium Brown and Dark Brown).  I personally wish they have something that would cater girls with redheads!

I thank the Jordana USA heavens that they did not create anything with "black" because black should never be used on brows!  Even with extremely dark hair, I highly recommend Dark Brown or Gray shade!

This product comes in a pencil (which needs to be sharpened) with a cap that has a small brush to (obviously) brush our brow hairs.

a photo of Jordana FabuBrow Eyebrow Pencil

Swatch: 02 Medium Brown
Medium brown is a true, matte medium shade!  
Thankfully, this shade does not contain any reddish tint so the effect will be natural on brown-colored hair.

a swatch photo of Jordana FabuBrow Eyebrow Pencil Medium Brown

As for application, I like to gently fill in my brows with quick, short, hair-like strokes as shown on photo below.  I like to apply with light hand movements to keep everything natural-looking.  This pencil is so easy-to-use.  Glides on pretty well without tugging.

a photo of Jordana FabuBrow Eyebrow Pencil Medium Brown

I like to use the brush to gently brush off excess product and fill my brows again with pencil as needed.  

Let's talk about wearability, the effect is very natural and I can get away wearing only this and very minimal makeup.  This is a perfect daily brow color for those with dark brown, medium brown or even light brown hair.

a photo on how to use Jordana FabuBrow Eyebrow Pencil

This brow pencil from Jordana lasts the whole day, if you have oily skin, the product may disappear a bit especially on the sparse areas but nothing a retouch inside a bathroom can't do!

Before and After

a photo of Jordana FabuBrow Eyebrow Pencil before and after

The Jordana FabuBrow Eyebrow Pencil is very affordable at Php149.00 available in SM Beauty Stores.  I find this to be a good way to jumpstart your #BrowsOnFleek without breaking the bank!  You just have to invest in a pencil sharpener just in case you purchase this because we all wish this comes in a retractable packaging!

For more information, Like Jordana Philippines on Facebook.

Have you tried FabuBrow Eyebrow Pencil?  

What other Jordana products would you want me to feature or try?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Yay brow product again! I want to try this but I'll get Dark Brown. I also wish the pencil is retractable.

    1. I agree, retractable pencil will always be my top choice

  2. I'm using their gel barowcara in brunette though, I wish I picked a lighter shade.

  3. Perfect for me...not so much my sister. She has super oily skin.


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