Sunday, October 29, 2017

Weekend Food Trip at: Sarsa Kitchen + Bar

I had an event next door at Yoree last year when Mr. AMW and Kyle waited for me at the nearby restaurant called Sarsa Kitchen + Bar.  The moment I met up with them, Mr. AMW gushed about the yummy and best Chicken Inasal he tried!

Fast forward to months after when we've decided to take Kyle to BGC just to roam around and have fun, I told Mr. AMW I wanted to try the "Best Chicken Inasal" in town and of course, try out the rest of the dishes because I've read positive reviews online.

Inasal + Sarsa Trio

Inasal + Sarsa Trio

True enough, Mr. AMW wasn't lying when he said this is really good!  I can't say this is the BEST Chicken Inasal in town because I haven't tried enough Inasal dishes to say so but all I can comment for this particular dish is the juiciness of the chicken (Yes, even breasts as most of the time, they come out dry!)  The chicken can actually be eaten alone even without the sauce because I find the chicken well-marinated and flavorful enough!

Inasal Sisig
I don't know the difference with the Inasal Sisig and regular Sisig we've tried in other restaurants but what I can say on first bite is that the Sisig is extremely flavorful and I love the added egg on top!  You just have to mix everything well and include a hint of calamansi and loads of hot sauce just because we like our Sisig dish that way. 

Liempo Pork Adobo
+ Chicken Adobo flakes and 2 eggs
If you are bored with regular Adobo dishes, you really must try this one!  This dish definitely is a fusion of so many types of Adobo flavors!  I can tell a bit of the Filipino Adobo touch with the sweet and tangy sauce while Chinese Adobo kicks in once you added eggs!  I love the crispy adobo flakes because it gives a unique texture to the very sauce-y dish.

Happy and Full family with Yawning Kyle Nash!  

Have you tried Sarsa Kitchen + Bar?
Will you bring your Bbalikbayan friends and relatives here?

Sarsa Ktchen + BarUnit 1-7 Forum South Global, Federacion Dr cor 7th Ave Fort Bonifacio, TaguigTel. No: (0927) 706-0773 
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