Friday, November 3, 2017

This is Why We Play Hard in Life

I would like to call my fashion style extremely feminine.  I always tend to lean on cutesy and girly outfits but looks can definitely be deceiving.  If you get to open and look what's inside me, you'll find one tough and hardcore cookie!  I play hard in life, really hard!  I've been thrown with so much challenges and is continuously fighting off some but I make sure to do it with good vibes and style.

Yes, you can still be tough and look as bright as a sunshine!  

Cap and Jacket from The NBA Store

The NBA Store in Glorietta has been around for almost 3 years I believe.  Imagine, we house the largest NBA store outside the USA and I couldn't be prouder!

Let's be honest, the last time I was hooked with NBA was 15 years ago, I was rooting for Chicago Bulls then shifted to San Antonio Spurs just because Spurs was my then boss's favorite team and every time the team won, we have a good day --- we were either treated with a good lunch or a day off!  #hahaha

So walking into The NBA Store brought me back to good memories and a whole lot of confusion!  I'm still a girl not updated with NBA games anyways.  But I was surprised how easy it was for me to pick the right merchandise for me and the family!

I first checked out kids clothing for #KyleNash of course! 

 From cute sets or Jerseys.  It was hard for me to pick a team for him!

Of course, loving the corner of Nike Connected Jersey because Nike is a brand close to my heart!  I remembered my college professor calling me "Just Do It" --- I doubt he even remembered my name is really Nikki! 

You find Jerseys from EVERY team.

T-shirts, hoodies and jackets, shorts, pants and even underwear.

More T-shirts for the men in our lives to rave and show-off their support for their favorite team and player!



So many accessories to add up to the apparel and shoe line.  Baller Bands, bags, caps, towels, socks and a whole lot more!  The place is so spacious I can imagine men understand how women in Sephora store feels like!

Of course, this is also a store you can actually watch NBA games.

Play balls

Or even have fun measuring your hands and feet against famous players!

All the staffs are extremely friendly and you can go up to any of them and ask about different brands and even collectibles!  It'll definitely make your NBA fan heart flutter!

For more brands and product offerings, visit

What's your favorite team and how do you play?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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