Monday, December 4, 2017

CBTL's 2018 Gift Giving Journal Deserves Finger Heart!

Have you taken a peek though the 2018 Giving Journal from The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf?
You should!  Because this 10th year anniversary planner has a wonderful design perfect for gift and personal use!

For companies who rooted in giving whole year round, I think they deserve a space in my blog + MORE!  So please share this wonderful news to share blessings in other people's lives because that is really the spirit of Christmas!

Now on its 10th year of the Giving Journal, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® celebrates its journey of giving through the years with a central theme: LEAVE A LEGACY. The brand dedicates its 10th year to its purpose - to empower each individual to live excellently and purposefully by living a life of service to others. They believe that each person has a responsibility to leave a legacy of profound good, impacting the lives of others, and that is why for 2018, the brand encourages its community to not only ask questions such as “What do I want to do?” Or “What are my goals?” but instead, to ask one’s self “What are my roles?” and “What does the world need from me?” As we set our hearts on another year, the The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf®’s hopeful mission is this: to enable its community to expand their vision by including others.

If you check out page per page, you will see some excerpts with questions like: 

“The question for everyone alive today is this: What kind of legacy will you leave behind?  Will you leave a beautiful legacy for others to enjoy? Or will you leave a legacy of debt, pain, poverty, and sin that the people who come after you will have to pay for?”

If we support The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf with their Giving Journal, we are also supporting Real LIFE foundation, the direct beneficiary of the Giving Journal.  

The Real LIFE Foundation exists to serve the poor in the Philippines by providing opportunities for educational assistance and holistic development. Since established, Real LIFE has not only allowed over 300 scholars from all over the country to earn a university degree, it has more importantly empowered these scholars to meaningfully impact the lives of others as productive change agents for good, much in the as way their own lives have been changed. Through the tremendous support we receive each year for our Giving Journal campaign, we have been able to directly support the Real LIFE Foundation, producing over 40 graduates- a number we commit to growing through the years as The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® sustains its efforts in nation building.
Now, are you more than excited to own this journal?  To redeem the 2018 Giving Journal, simply collect 12 stamps in any The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® store nationwide.

So, don't you think this Gift Giving Journal (plus other colors available) deserves a Heart Finger!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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