Sunday, December 24, 2017

Chun Yuen Restaurant LCM

So, most weekends, we spend time with both families (My family and Mr. AMW's family) and we always bond over food!  That's how we are!  Because people will always be in a better mood telling good stories while eating!  #ThatsWhyIDontLoseWeight

So one of the newly opened restaurant at Lucky Chinatown Mall that caught my attention was called Chun Yuen Restaurant, because we tried almost ALL the restaurants there, we welcome new restaurants anytime of the day!

Xiao Long Bao

Not bad for the price.  It is "soupy" inside and the Xiao Long Bao skin is just right you don't break it while handling with chopsticks.

Meat Wonton with Special Sauce
Just like regular Wonton bathed in soy sauce and sesame seeds!  Not bad, I actually like it!

I don't even remember the exact name of this dish but I requested for dried noodle dish with Pork instead of seafood!  This did not fail my longing for Dry Noodles!  I've had a couple of times Dry Noodle Dish (a specialty from Northern Part of China mostly Muslims) and I haven't really found a similar taste but this helps satisfy a bit of that craving!

Pork Chop
Not a fan of this dish!  A thin strip of pork with loads of breading I don't even seem to taste the flavor of pork!  And I wish they prepared a special sauce instead of just Ketchup with Mayonnaise.

Chicken Fingers
Another so-so dish!  I know we shouldn't order Fried Dishes in Chinese restaurants but we did for my son! 

Chun Yuen Chao Fan
A must-try rice dish especially if you love vegetables like we do!!!

Yang Zhou Fried Rice
This also tastes good but if you wanted something unique and different, go for Chun Yuen Chao Fan instead!

Have you randomly went into a restaurant just because it's newly opened?

Chun Yuen Restaurant
Third Floor, Lucky Chinatown Mall, Binondo, Manila
Tel. no.: 02-2513550

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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