Monday, December 25, 2017

Kyle's Stride Rite Pick

It was after his successful Christmas Performance at the Greenhills Theater when we've decided to be crazy (in terms of traffic) and travel from San Juan to Makati!  It was a full day just to celebrate Kyle's first performance EVER at a huge theater!  

We took him to his favorite Quantum and played his favorites games, he had a cup (or 2) of gelato, he strolled inside National Bookstore and picked his favorite book and the last stop?  We brought him to Stride Rite for his new pair of shoes!

As you all know, it's the Star Wars season so Mr. AMW laid his eyes on this Stride Rite x Star Wars Collection!  These 2 pairs are our top picks.

Kyle tried the blue one but is aiming for a white pair!

And it got my husband's 2 thumbs up after trying out the semi high cut pair!

Kyle had his sugar fix so he was running around the store like a *ahem* usual toddler, I took a look around the store located at Greenbelt and found so many pairs for mommies and daddies who wanted to gift their kids with a comfortable pair especially for this Holiday Season!

I was actually eyeing on this Spiderman shoes too!  Isn't that cute?  I may have to go back and get this pair if I wanted to dress him up as a Spiderman!  (He has a Spiderman costume by the way!)

Boys of their favorite Superheros, as for my husband, it has always been Captain America.  Given that these pairs are for adults, I'm sure he grabbed Captain America shoes by Stride Rite in a whim!

If you have babies who are starting to walk, I highly recommend these open-toed sandals which Kyle used way back when he was just starting to learn how to walk!  These are Machine Washable and easy-to-wear and extremely friendly for babies and toddlers!

I may not have a daughter but I'm loving these cutesy pairs!  My kind of shoes when I was a kid!  The more they sparkle, the better!  As I feel like a Real Princess!

Inside the Stride Rite store, you can also find Sperry Shoes!  

Kyle is definitely having a Merry Little Christmas with all his wishes coming true!  Well, he is only mentioning one thing for now: "Kyle will marry a real princess girl!"  --- OH SHOOT!  Not this early son!

Merry Christmas from my Little Man!
Merry Christmas from the AMW Family!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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