Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Holiday-Shopping AMW Style!

Let me tell you a secret, I may look so organized and always a step ahead --- That's how I look but in reality, I'm a Queen of Last Minute!  With all the tasks and errands I need to do on a daily basis, there will definitely tasks that are left undone until the last minute.

Just like Christmas Shopping, and it has been going on like that EVERY SINGLE YEAR since I became a mom!

On a positive note, it tests my wits when it comes to shopping!  I do have a list, check it twice and shop in between mother/wife/daughter duties!  

Last December 24 was the final stretch of my cramming, my yaya was on leave so there wasn't any extra  hand for me (prepare Kyle's things, wash the dishes, etc...).  We went for last minute shopping at SM Makati and I only had an hour to squeeze in shopping for both my family and Mr. AMW's family!  The mall closes earlier than usual (8:00pm) so the shopping trip was even more nerve-wrecking!

Skipping dinner since we had heavy snack, we took our son to a toy store leaving Mr. AMW with him (he's a super hands-on dad too by the way so he can definitely manage), I rushed to SM Department store and completed my list!  I was just looking for a gift just for last one recipient, the mall suddenly closes the doors and we were asked to pay for our merchandise!  The air-conditioner was also turned off so I was literally panicking and sweating (a lot!)  Gulay, what to do?  We had a family gathering that evening!  

Thankfully, I remembered having a couple of The SM Gift Cards in my wallet!  As much as I love to shop for my loved ones, I'm sure they also appreciate it if they can shop for the things they want and can really use!

These are unique and personalized gift cards available in Red and Gray and in 3 denominations --- Php500.00, Php1,000.00 and Php2,000.00!  

All cards are available for purchase at any The SM Store branches and they also have limited edition colorful and youth-seeming Gift Card sleeves for only Php20.00 each. 

Super convenient siya guys!  And because of that, I was able to (seriously) sit in this cute couch and ask a stranger to take a photo of me because I may be smiling on the outside but I am sweating like a pig inside!  (Sweat of relief friends!)

Do you love receiving gift cards?
I DO!  So I really enjoyed sending out gift cards to loved ones too!
(Especially if I don't have idea what their wish list are!)

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Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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