Sunday, December 17, 2017

Le Petit Soufflé, SM Megamall Part Deux

I love being a Blogger, even when I attend mostly Beauty Events, I also get to eat while I learn what's new in the beauty world.  That said, I get to eat in various restaurants (reason why I'm not slimming down!)  and from there, I get to know which restaurants serve good or bad food!

Of course, I always keep the good food restaurants in mind and date my family whenever I get the chance.  One restaurant that really caught my tummy's attention was Le Petit Souffle.  I've dined in both Century City Mall and SM Megamall branches and loved the experience.  So one weekend, I've decided to take my family there!

Loving that I have a caricature drawn after me!  *Just Joking*

Furikake Pomme Fries
I actually am not a fan of these fries because I almost can't taste anything!  *hahaha* But because I was with my son, I have to order this again and it won his heart!  He can't stop eating this and I gotta love this if my son loves it!

Hambagu with Japanese Ketchup and Egg
We asked to separate the sauce because this was Kyle's dish!  The hamburger didn't disappoint as I get the right texture, right beef taste and the egg actually works well with this particular burger.  The Japanese ketchup is quite unique and I can actually eat this dish without the sauce!

Japanese Beef Curry Souffle
The most unique curry I've tried and it didn't fail in making us happy on both the eyes and tummy!  The fluffy egg gives a nice, soft, fluffy texture on every bite.  There are strips of beef inside best eating mixed all together with curry sauce and rice!

Definitely a must-try for curry lovers out there!

Squid Ink Rice
A must-try in my opinion considering I have allergic reactions to seafood!  I've tasted the rice and gave a HUGE thumbs-up because of the flavor and according to my mom, fresh seafood!  I wish this comes in a bigger serving size because one serving is NOT enough.

This is a wonderful place to dine for family, friends and even dates!  I see a lot of couples coming in and out of the restaurant because of the nice ambiance and quiet setting!  I can't wait to go back and try out other dishes.

Do you have any other food recommendations?

Le Petit Souffle
SM Megamall
Second Floor, Mega Fashion Hall

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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